One Of Elizabeth Hurley’s Sexiest Movies Just Became Free To Watch Online

By Tristan Zelden | 16 seconds ago

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YouTube’s official movie and TV show channel uploaded Elizabeth Hurley’s (The Royals) 2000 fantasy comedy Bedazzled on September 1 for you to watch for free. To make it more incentivizing is its tight runtime of an hour and 33 minutes.

The film follows Elliot Richards, played by Brendan Fraser (Doom Patrol), who is utterly hopeless in his life. Things change once he meets the Devil, played by Elizabeth Hurley. She grants him seven wishes in exchange for his soul. He accepts to deal to get the woman of his dreams, Alison Gardner, played by Frances O’Connor (The Conjuring 2). Problems ensue, and Elliot tries to get out of the contract with the demonic woman he sold his soul to.

The film was a remake of a 1967 movie of the same name. Released on October 20, 2000, it was directed and written by Harold Ramis (Ghostbusters). He wrote the Elizabeth Hurley and Brendan Fraser movie alongside Peter Tolan (Rescue Me) and Larry Gelbart (MASH). Ramis produced with Trevor Albert, Michael Haley, and Suzanne Herrington. Neil A. Machlis executive produced. It was produced by Regency Enterprises and Kirch Media, with 20th Century Fox distributing the comedy as it did with the original.

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Elizabeth Hurley and her leading co-stars were joined by cast members Miriam Shor (Younger), Orlando Jones (American Gods), Paul Adelstein (Prison Break), and Toby Huss (King of the Hill).

The number of red outfits worn by Elizabeth Hurley was striking throughout the film. She had worn everything from a cheerleader costume, schoolgirl uniform, and a red leather jacket and pants with red sandals. She was even nominated by MTV’s movie and TV awards for her looks in the various costumes that she wore. The sexy outfits did not only get the actress a nomination as the Makeup Artist and Hair Stylist Guild Awards nominated Ben Nye III (Crash), Cheri Minns (The Hunger Games), and the Oscar-winning Kate Biscoe (Vice).

Despite having stars like Elizabeth Hurley and Brendan Fraser, it was not well received. On Rotten Tomatoes, the critic score is comprised of 115 reviews for a 50 percent score. The general consensus is that while the Bedazzled remake had some funny moments, too much of it falls flat as it feels like a one-note comedy. The audience score fits right in with this mentality as 250,000 reviews made for a 42 percent score.


Having heavy hitters like Harold Ramis, Elizabeth Hurley, and Brendan Fraser should have caught enough attention to get butts in seats at the theater. Unfortunately, it did not. With a budget of $48 million, the film only grossed approximately $90 million worldwide. Domestically it pulled in over $37 million, while internationally, it was a fairly significant jump with $52 million. Some of the biggest countries for the comedy were Germany with $8 million, Australia with $2 million, and Austria coming down to slightly over $1 million. Outside of the domestic release and those few countries, the film did not reach $1 million in any other territory. Denmark grossed $288,125, lower was Iceland’s $100,562, and the Czech Republic with $93,543.

Before Elizabeth Hurley appeared on the big screen for the remake, the original Bedazzled in 1967 was directed by Stanley Donen (Charade). Peter Cook (A Life in Pieces) and Dudley Moore (Arthur) wrote the script. Unlike the remake from writers Peter Tolan and Larry Gelbart, this original saw its writers grace the big screen as major characters. It also starred Eleanor Bron (A Little Princess) and Rachel Welch (The Three Musketeers).

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While not a completely fair comparison between the Elizabeth Hurley remake and the original from Stanley Donen, it did receive more positive reviews. On Rotten Tomatoes, the 1967 movie has a respectable 78 percent out of 18 reviews for its critic score. On the audience side, it is a bit fairer with the higher number of submitted reviews as it has over 10,000 ratings that makeup 74 percent.

YouTube is currently the only platform to watch the Elizabeth Hurley and Brendan Fraser comedy Bedazzled for free, no subscription required. If you want to spend the money, it is also available on Google Play, Apple TV, Vudu, and Amazon Prime Video, all of which are on sale for $3.99.