Daniela Melchior Is Astonishing In A Sexy Skin-Tight Black Dress

Daniela Melchior looks amazing in a Jean Paul Gaultier dress.

By Nathan Kamal | Published

daniela melchior

Daniela Melchior is having a fantastic breakout year, starring in both an upcoming Marvel Cinematic Universe film and the tenth Fast and Furious movie. While we were big fans of her performance as the nearly terminally sleepy Ratcatcher 2 in The Suicide Squad, we’re even bigger fans of her social media presence, where she frequently posts pictures of herself in amazingly sexy high-fashion looks. In her most recent post, Daniela Melchior poses in an absurdly tight black dress.

The Instagram post from Daniela Melchior sees the DC Universe star wearing a black dress by Jean Paul Gaultier with small cut-outs around her hips and bust to expose her skin. Her black hair is tightly coifed to her head in a Matrix-like hairstyle, and she is wearing tall shiny black platform heels; according to her post, the whole look was styled by Luis Borges of Call Me Gorgeous. Also according to the post, the picture (and a short video showing Daniela Melchior doing a quick spin to show off) was taken at Seen Lisboa, a trendy cocktail bar in her native Portugal.

daniela melchior

Daniela Melchior has three different high-profile films being released in 2023, which is a pretty busy schedule for any working actor. Firstly, the actress appeared in Marlowe, the Liam Neeson private detective movie based on the iconic PI Philip Marlowe, portraying a doomed woman who makes the mistake of hiring the gumshoe. While the movie received mostly negative reviews (currently holding an unfortunate 21 percent on Rotten Tomatoes), it is a good indicator of the increasingly high-profile films Melchior is appearing in.

Next up, Daniela Melchior will be appearing in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3, the final film in James Gunn’s Marvel trilogy about the universe’s most ragtag group of space superheroes/general bounty hunters. Melchior’s Marvel debut has not yet been revealed, but she can be briefly glimpsed in the full-length trailer for the film and appears to be a servant of the High Evolutionary (Chukwudi Iwuji), the primary villain of the film. It is likely that Melchior will largely have a small role in the film, but it is still a pretty impressive notch to have on one’s acting belt.

Finally, Daniela Melchior will appear in Fast X, the upcoming, mega-anticipated Fast and Furious film. Reportedly, the actress will be portraying a Brazilian street racer (her Portuguese will come in handy there) who has some mysterious connection to Vin Diesel’s increasingly complicated and bizarre past. The film will also co-star Jason Momoa, John Cena, Charlize Theron, Brie Larson, and pretty much every A-list action star currently working in Hollywood.

Daniela Melchior will also be starring in Road House, the upcoming remake of the classic Patrick Swayze film that asks the question of what would happen if a guy who is good at fighting takes a job trying to get other people to stop fighting. The film will co-star Jake Gyllenhaal, who recently revealed how jacked he has gotten to play a former UFC fighter, while Melchior is herself training to become an expert boxer.