See Daniela Melchior Box In Skin-Tight Workout Gear

Daniela Melchior poses in a series of tight workout outfits.

By Nathan Kamal | Updated

daniela melchior

Portuguese actress Daniela Melchior has exploded into Hollywood in a very big way in the last several years, immediately joining some of the biggest franchises in the world (which is to say, Marvel, DCU, and the Fast and Furious). She is also very active on social media (as many stars of her generation often are) and also appears to be very active in the gym. She recently posted a slideshow of herself in various workout outfits that really demonstrate exactly how good of shape Daniela Melchior’s boxing routine keeps her.

In the first picture, Daniela Melchior seems to be taking a selfie, staring straight into the camera while wearing a black Nike baseball cap, a puffy black gilet, and a black zip-up hoodie (it is clear that she likes the color black). The second picture in the carousel seems to be taken shortly after that, with Daniela Melchior taking another classic-style selfie in a gym locker room, having now stripped down to a high-waisted pair of yoga pants and a black sports bra (plus black painted nails). 

The third slide in the carousel is a video, where we get to see Daniela Melchior in sped-up boxing training, practicing a series of jabs and hooks. The caption reads “I think I’m getting addicted” along with emojis for a red, sweaty face, a boxing glove, a woman doing weightlifting squats, and a woman doing yoga. Clearly, the star of the upcoming Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 really loves the gym.

guardians of the galaxy
Daniela Melchior in Guardians 3

The fourth picture in the set shows Daniela Melchior breaking out of the none-more-black palette, taking yet another selfie in a similar but color-swapped outfit. This time, the Fast X star is wearing an oxblood/burgundy baseball cap, a white sports bra, and pink yoga pants. However, immediately following that, we get another video that initially focuses on a pair of white socks with fuzzy slide-style slippers, only to pull up to a stand-up mirror in which Daniela Melchior is, you guessed it, wearing an all-black workout outfit, throwing up pīsu sain (that’s photography slang for a V-shaped peace sign).

The next photo in the set shows Daniela Melchior wearing a fluffy-looking pink and red jacket and clutching a large water bottle, which thankfully shows that The Suicide Squad star is hydrating well after her intense boxing workouts. The following image gets a little trippy, as the actress stands in the center of green-tinted infinity mirrors wearing a skin-tight workout outfit of her favored sports bra, yoga pants, and baseball cap (with an unidentified red-and-white bird logo on it). 

To make things a little bit trippier, the next picture is Daniela Melchior standing in apparently the exact same spot and place, but now wearing a sleeveless body suit in a fetching olive green (plus a gray baseball cap). Finally, the last two pictures show the star wearing another black gilet and the last behind a massive wall of arm weights. One thing we can determine from all of this: Daniela Melchior really likes the gym.

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