News Station Airs Satanic Ritual In Place Of Their Broadcast

By Apeksha Bagchi | 12 seconds ago

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Given the turbulent times we are living in, there is hardly anything on a news channel that manages to be shocking. But Australia’s ABC TV channel’s (Australian Broadcasting Corporation) nightly news bulletin managed to exceed expectations when in midst of a segment talking about a new law, it switched to a clip of a satanic ritual taking place, which ended with “Hail, Satan!”

Viewers in Australia were given a big surprise when ABC TV, during its nightly new broadcast, cut to a clip of a satanic gathering. The segment initially was about Queensland, Australia introducing a new law regarding the welfare of police animals. The new law will ensure that criminals who hurt police animals will face time in prison for their acts. In the footage, police minister Mark Ryan and two other men in suits were seen chatting outside a building. And just as the segment reached its conclusion, the feed suddenly switched to a fleeting clip of three individuals performing a ritual worshipping Satan in a red-lit room.

The clip has been shared by ABC’s Media Watch, known for pointing out mistakes in news segments of various channels, highlighting the bizarre incident as a “satanic slip-up.”

In the brief clip, viewers in Australia witnessed the three individuals, standing on a stage, an upside-down crucifix, and a man clad in a black robe, raising his hands and swearing his allegiance to the devil with a “Hail, Satan.” Then, just as abruptly as the footage started, the network swiftly switched to presenter Yvonne Yong, who managed to sidestep her obvious awareness of the weird detour the segment took and completed it professionally as if nothing had happened, before moving on to the next news headline.

The mix-up ended up becoming a trend on social media, with people questioning whether the mix-up was a prank by ABC Australia or a genuine mistake. Yvonne Yong was later grilled by Twitterites online and clarified that the appearance of the Satan-worshipping footage was not a deliberate prank. The footage was actually part of another story that was supposed to air and due to a system error, it ended up cutting in between the police animals welfare law segment. 

The footage seen in ABC Australia’s news segment is actually from a Facebook video posted last year. It was published by the Noosa Temple of Satan, which is a religious organization that worships the Devil and is dedicated to amp up the practice of Satanism in Australia. The group is led by Brother Samael Demo-Gorgon and was recently in the news for rallying the government to allow Satanists to teach religious classes in schools. 

The Noosa Temple of Satan was quick to respond to the inclusion of their video in the ABC Australia news segment and shared it on social media with the caption: “Our hero.” They have also shared a news article narrating the entire technical hiccup that the news channel went through and commented that the credit of the same goes to the devil himself as “Satan works in mysterious ways…..” Well, while we are not sure about Satan, there is no denying that ABC Australia indeed works in the most bizarre ways.