Enormous Snake Found In Family’s Toilet, See The Unbelievable Photos

By Apeksha Bagchi | 1 month ago

snake python

No matter how much we clean our homes, it is common to see some random insect or rodent shuffling around once in a while. What one would not expect to find in their homes, let alone in their toilet, is a giant python snake that possesses the power to just scare them to death! But that’s what really happened with a family in Australia in the past week. 

Wolf Brown, a professional snake catcher working in Australia, recently took to Facebook to share a series of pictures depicting a giant snake, a female jungle carpet python to be precise, that he found hiding in a family’s toilet. Brown, who works as the operator of Tableland Snake Catchers, a wildlife removal and relocation service located in Queensland, Australia, received a request recently when someone called in to report an enormous snake that they found in their bathroom. While these snakes are creatures of the wild, with the increase in residential encroachment and the decrease in forest covers, such incidents are becoming more and more common. 

When Brown reached the house, he expected to find the snake on the floor of the bathroom but he was shocked to discover an “almost two-meter long” female jungle carpet python hiding inside the toilet, whose lid was shut. He managed to safely remove the snake from the toilet and secure it, after which he checked the plumbing of the house and found an open inspection point which is quite possibly the snake’s point of entry. Check out the post from Tableland Snake Catchers.

While catching a snake inside a residential property is common for Brown, it’s now every day he finds a gigantic python languishing inside a toilet. So, with the house owners’ permission, he took pictures of the snake and uploaded the post on Facebook because “this has to be seen to be believed.” His post includes some jaw-dropping photos and the advice to always keep the bathrooms clean, shut down the seat of the toilets, and turn on the lights first so that no one else receives the shock of their life like the Australian family did in this incident. 

While these snakes are not venomous to humans, jungle carpet pythons are known to grow to more than 2 meters (6.5 feet) in length. That is enough to terrify anyone, especially if you find it hiding in your toilet. These pythons tend to prey on small animals like birds, frogs, lizards, etc, and kills by strangling them. 

As we mentioned above, the incidents where a snake is caught inside a house are steadily increasing. Recently, another Australian family came home from a vacation and saw a huge carpet python just idly hanging from their ceiling and hurried to quickly dial up Sunshine Coast Snake Catchers 24/7. Not a homecoming gift one would expect, right? Then a few weeks ago, a family in Georgia discovered snakes, yes plural, in their ceiling. Well, until a permanent solution is found for these frequent instances, looks like snake catchers will continue to have one hectic schedule.