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mars oxygen

Historic First Brings Mars Colonization Closer Than Ever Before

In February 2021, NASA’s Perseverance rover, carrying a small device named MOXIE, landed on Mars. The small device aimed to …

3 months ago


Multiple Asteroids Headed Toward Earth, Impact Imminent?

Forbes reports that there are a number of asteroids passing by Earth this week, and depending on your outlook on …

3 months ago

jupiter feature

Shocking Footage Of Unidentified Object Crashing Into Jupiter

Jupiter is the largest planet in our solar system and thus has quite an impressive gravitational pull. Naturally, that means …

3 months ago


Movement Detected On The Moon

India’s historic Chandrayaan-3 mission to the Moon’s south pole is already providing lots of interesting data, including the fact that …

3 months ago

NASA Removing Space Junk With Giant Trash Bags?

When parents give their children an allowance for chores like taking out the trash it’s usually a lot less $850,000. …

3 months ago

First Alien Object On Earth Confirmed?

Avi Loeb, the head of Harvard University’s Galileo Project, has just achieved something no human on Earth has ever done …

3 months ago

Pulsar Eating Another Star And Shooting Cosmic Cannonballs

Pulsars are strange little stars. While still classified as stars, Pulsars are actually “corpses” of stars—highly magnetized, rotating neutron stars …

3 months ago

nasa jupiter ganymede

Mysterious Crash On Jupiter, See The Explosive Video reports that astronomers spotted a burst of light coming from Jupiter that is the result of a comet or …

3 months ago

Three Amazing Moon Discoveries Just Happened Almost All At Once

It would seem like we should know almost everything about the moon at this point. After all, we (as humans …

3 months ago

Scientists Find Planet Denser Than Steel, How Is It Possible?

Astronomers have located a new planet with a density greater than steel. According to ScienceAlert, the exoplanet has strange characteristics …

3 months ago

space collision

NASA Harvests Life-Threatening Asteroid Thanks To Rock And Roll Legend

While the rest of us are living regular lives and simply trying to survive this crazy world, NASA is out …

3 months ago


Moon Rover Makes Amazing Discovery While Hunting For Water

With the world working together to come to a better understanding of what’s beyond the Earth, the Indian Space Research …

3 months ago

whirlpool galaxy

Whirlpool Galaxy Discovered And It’s Breathtaking To See

The James Webb Space Telescope has captured some impressive visuals but nothing that compares to their latest subject—The Whirlpool Galaxy. …

3 months ago

Blue Origin Rocket Spews So Much Methane It Can Be Viewed From Space

According to a recent report from Bloomberg, Jeff Bezos’ Blue Origin rockets are regularly emitting enough methane that their pollution …

3 months ago

moon trees

You Can Now Plant Moon Trees From Outer Space

Buying your loved ones (or yourself) a star has long been a way to show your eternal love for another. …

3 months ago

china moon

India Successfully Landed On The Moon

According to a recent report from Reuters, India’s Chandrayaan-3 spacecraft has successfully landed on the moon, making the country the …

3 months ago

black holes

Scientists Witness Mysterious Vortex On Nearby Planet, Is Earth In Danger?

As telescope technology continues to evolve and improve, scientists are able to more meticulously research planets like Neptune from Earth …

3 months ago

Jeff Bezos’s Blue Origin Rockets Are Now Polluting Space

Methane, a potent greenhouse gas, plays a substantial role in the climate crisis and has been attributed to over a …

3 months ago

Another Country Is Attempting Moon Landing After Russia’s Massive Failure

According to Science Alert, scientists are ready to make another giant leap for mankind as one country is getting ready …

3 months ago

Planet’s Clouds Mysteriously Disappear And Scientists Are Baffled

Science Alert reports that planet Neptune has seen a significant reduction in the amount of clouds in its atmosphere, and …

3 months ago

Russian Spaceship Crashes On The Moon

A Russian spaceship has left its mark on the moon – literally. ScienceAlert reports that a probe known as the …

3 months ago

The Mystery Behind Deep Space Question Mark Captured By The James Webb Telescope

Myriad mysteries loom in the cosmos, but some are cheekier than others. As reported by NPR, the James Webb Space …

3 months ago

planets explode

Gravitational Waves Ripping Apart Whole Planets?

While most nerds are content to argue over whether Batman could take Wolverine in a fight, the ones at the …

3 months ago


NASA Studying How To Profit From The Moon

Earth’s moon is an essential natural satellite for a number of reasons, like stabilizing our climate, causing tides, and providing …

3 months ago

The Sun Has Wiped Out Clouds On One Planet, Could Earth Be Next?

Changes in the sun’s activity seem to have caused Neptune’s clouds to vanish. According to New Scientist, this change in …

3 months ago

The True Darkness Of Space Can Now Be Measured

Is it ever really dark out? Even in the middle of the woods on a moonless night, light pollution from …

3 months ago

meteor insurance

The Record-Setting Meteorite That Was Being Used As A Doorstop

One of the largest meteorites ever recorded in Michigan went completely unnoticed by the experts for more than 80 years …

3 months ago

Astronauts Stranded In Space, Can They Return To Earth?

After their docking spacecraft took damage, two Russian cosmonauts and an American astronaut have been in orbit six months longer …

3 months ago

planet 9

Newly Discovered World Is Confusing Scientists

We now have the technology to investigate worlds that are 260 light-years away, which is how we discovered the planet …

3 months ago

Habitable Planets May Be Devoid Of Life Due To Stellar Winds

Many science fiction movies and television shows have toyed with the idea of strong stellar winds, resulting from coronal mass …

4 months ago