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The Sun Has A Massive Hole That Is Going To Blast Earth With Solar Winds

A coronal hole in the Sun will blast solar winds at Earth within the next few days.

11 months ago

Hypersleep Is Becoming A Reality For Long-Distance Space Travel

Researchers believe hypersleep could be a reality within 10 years after studying how animals hibernate and deducing a way to induce torpor in humans.

11 months ago


Giant Asteroids Hitting Earth Is Becoming More Dangerous Than We Thought

A NASA scientist thinks catastrophic asteroid collisions with Earth could be a lot more likely than we think.

11 months ago

space debris

Space Debris Caught On Video Burning Up In The Atmosphere

What appeared to be meteors in the sky above California were actually abandoned ISS space debris from 2020.

11 months ago

china moon

The Most High-End Car Company Is Building A Nuclear Reactor On The Moon

Rolls-Royce is developing a nuclear reactor for the UK government to use on the Moon.

11 months ago

outer space nasa

See NASA’s Amazing Image Of An Exploding Star

NASA has captured an image of a Wolf-Rayet star.

11 months ago


Researchers Are Trying To Create Wormholes On Earth, Are We In Danger?

Scientists are learning how to create wormholes and may soon be able to make them here on Earth.

12 months ago


NASA Planning To Destroy The International Space Station?

NASA is developing a spacecraft capable of pulling the International Space Station to a controlled destruction point in Earth’s atmosphere.

12 months ago

oxygen on mars

See A Mars Sunset That Is Literally Out Of This World

NASA’s Ingenuity Mars helicopter managed to catch a photo of a sunset on Mars.

12 months ago


Growing Plants On The Moon Just Became Closer To Reality

Scientists at the University of Florida have successfully grown moon plants in lunar regolith.

12 months ago


Scientists Find Massive Cloud Of Water In Space, Does This Mean Life Is Out There?

Scientists have discovered a water-filled space cloud in the Orion constellation.

12 months ago

black holes

Supermassive Black Hole Spotted Moving Between Galaxies

A supermassive black hole has been spotted passing through several galaxies at high speed.

12 months ago

earth's core

Super-Earth Threatens The Destruction Of Our Planet

A scientist shares a thought experiment of what would happen if a Super-Earth, common in other galaxies, were to enter our solar system, and the result is the end of all life.

12 months ago

the challenge

See The First Ever Movie Shot In Space With The Challenge Trailer

The new Russian film The Challenge is one of the first movies shot in space.

12 months ago

planet orbiting red dwarf

Forbidden Planet’s Discovery Has Astronomers Questioning Planet Formation 

A gas planet the size of Jupiter has been found orbiting a tiny sun, which should be impossible—thus earning the planet the nickname “forbidden planet.”

12 months ago

hubble images telescope

Hubble Telescope Is In Danger And Things Are Looking Very Bad For Its Future

An increasing number of satellites are interfering with the Hubble Telescope, which could eventually lead to it needing to be retired.

12 months ago

Star Trek Nichelle Nichols

Another Star Trek Icon Is Going to Space

The remains of Star Trek’s Nichelle Nichols will be sent to space via the new Vulcan Centaur Rocket.

12 months ago

planet 9 new earth-like planet

Giant Planet Is Actually Hiding In Our Solar System

Scientists believe they have proved the existence of a giant planet in our solar system, the problem is that it’s hidden due to distance and light.

1 year ago

Meteor Space Crash

Massive Meteor Explodes Over Texas, See The Footage

A 1,000-pound meteor exploded through the Texas sky; watch the incredible event captured on video.

1 year ago

international space station (1)

The International Space Station Is Leaking Again

Yet another Russian spacecraft has experienced an unexpected leak while docked at the International Space Station.

1 year ago


See Asteroid Light Up The Sky In An Awesome Blaze

A new video shows and asteroid lighting up the sky as it enters Earth’s atmosphere.

1 year ago


See A Gigantic Meteor Exploding Over France

Watch a massive meteor light up the night over France as it explodes through the sky.

1 year ago


Pentagon: Weekend UFOs Are Not Balloons, Cannot Rule Out Aliens

Aerospace Defense Commander General Glen VanHerck confirmed that the UFOs discovered over the weekend are unlike the balloon shot down days ago over South Carolina’s coast.

1 year ago

UFO Shot Down Over Lake Huron Described As An Octagon With Dangling Strings

A UFO has been shot down over Lake Huron and we have a description of what it looks like.

1 year ago

Airspace Closed Over Lake Michigan By National Defense, More UFOs Suspected

A UFO has been spotted over Lake Michigan and fighter jets are being scrambled.

1 year ago

hawaii lasers

See Actual Lasers Being Shot At Hawaii From Space

Onlookers in Hawaii were perplexed to see giant green lasers fired from space, right at the state.

1 year ago

Scientists Have Received Radio Signals From Deep Space

The CHIME radio observatory has picked up 25 fast radio bursts from deep space.

1 year ago


SpaceX Launching Satellites Made For Space War

SpaceX is partnering with True Anomaly to launch Jackal Satellites into orbit, where their warfare capabilities will be tested.

1 year ago

space collision

A Near-Collision In Space Was Almost A Catastrophe

Two pieces of derelict space machinery narrowly avoided a collision in space, which would add to an increasing problem of blocking access to Earth orbit.

1 year ago

james webb telescope alien life

Scientists Discover The Coldest Ice In The Universe

Scientists have discovered space ice in asteroids that drops to minutes 440 degrees Fahrenheit.

1 year ago