Airspace Closed Over Lake Michigan By National Defense, More UFOs Suspected

A UFO has been spotted over Lake Michigan and fighter jets are being scrambled.

By Nathan Kamal | Updated

UFO over lake michigan

The Federal Aviation Administration has sealed off the airspace over Lake Michigan without explanation, leading many to suspect that a UFO has been spotted over the Great Lake. According to the Twitter news account RawsAlerts, NORCOM has confirmed that an object has been verified in the region of Lake Michigan and that fighter jets are beings scrambled to intercept the UFO. In less than 24 hours, there has been a nearly unprecedented confirmation of sightings of a cylindrical kind of UFO, at least one of which has already been shot down.

There have been reports of a cylindrical form of UFO appearing over North America in recent hours, with three apparently being shot down over the Yukon by the United States Air Force. The USAF is currently attempting to recover debris from the UFO shootings, which may take some time given the sheer amount of covered area. Twitter user Kristie Hines also provided a screenshot of the airspace above Lake Michigan, which seems to indicate the presence of at least one aircraft in the area.

The FAA has not explicitly stated the reasons for shutting down the Lake Michigan airspace, citing only “national security.” Less than an hour ago, Montana State Representative Matt Rosendale confirmed (via Twitter) that there was a definitive object in the air above Montana and that he himself is waiting for visuals on the UFO. When representatives of the United States Government are openly stating in real time that a UFO is real, it definitely feels like things are getting very real.

For whatever reason, 2022 saw a sharp, noticeable rise in UFO sightings, which appears to continue into the New Year. Some of it might have to do with the USAF’s revealing that it has been monitoring actual UFO activity for years and the public getting more into the subject; some of it might have to do with there simply being more UFOs in the sky for some unimaginable reason. At least, if this is truly alien contact, it seems like extraterrestrials could have chosen a non-Super Bowl Sunday to get peoples’ attention.


There is currently no indication that the UFO activity has to do with aliens or anything X-Files-related, though we would argue that David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson should be standing by, just in case. However glib we would like to be about it, it is slightly unnerving that the situation is being immediately treated as a national security risk. 

These UFO sightings are notably occurring after the United States found itself unexpectedly riveted by news of a Chinese spy balloon crossing into US airspace before eventually being shot down. At the very least, it appears that more people than usual are paying close attention to the skies and the strange things that can pop up there. 

It now appears that UFO-related restrictions over Lake Michigan are being changed, but fighter jets have been seen by eyewitnesses in the area. We will continue to update as UFO information becomes available.