See A Gigantic Meteor Exploding Over France

Watch a massive meteor light up the night over France as it explodes through the sky.

By Britta DeVore | Published

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Those of us firmly planted on Earth have been no strangers to our fair share of oddities recently, with multiple UFOs finding themselves on a collision course with United States fighter jets and the bizarre fire tornado scientists spotted earlier this month on the north pole of the sun. The seemingly impending extraterrestrial takeover got a little too real for folks living in Europe as, over the weekend, a flaming meteor was caught blazing a path over countries including France and England. As any good citizen would do, those who captured the cosmic intruder quickly shared their videos on Twitter in two posts you can see below.

The first video comes from a sighting that took place over Northern France and sets the stage with a city in the backdrop. Hazy white in appearance, the meteor quickly zips off into the distance, now sporting a colorful tail. Likewise, in the second clip, we can see the meteor darting across the sky in England, moving from a white glow to a full fiery orange and red as it moves above the tree line and shoots past the moon.

If you’ve been keeping up with the news, you’ll know that the meteor spotting is about as tame as it gets when it comes to things floating around the skies during the last month. It all started in early February. A spy balloon sent from China was shot down over the ocean just off the coast of South Carolina.

Since then, a particularly strange amount of events have taken place, all having to do with what the United States government refers to as “unidentified flying objects.” Of course, the term UFO brings up images from films like Men in Black and Independence Day, making us question what’s out there beyond the meteors. Many firmly believe these are just more probing vessels from China on a mission to gather intel on the United States and our allies.

But with the White House not making any official statement on the objects, we’re still in a relative absence of knowledge. We know that the sightings are beginning to pick up in number, with another bizarre flying machine shot down over Lake Huron just yesterday.


This time, the suspicious vessel appeared to be an octagon with some sort of strings hanging down from it – perhaps serving the purpose of a surveillance probe. After entering Canadian airspace at an altitude that was deemed dangerous to commercial aircraft, the Canadian government teamed up with the United States military to take down the unknown object, which was successfully done over the waters of Lake Huron to avoid material striking citizens. And while it would’ve typically been covering headlines, the blinding meteor sailing over Europe is having its light dimmed by the UFO frenzy.

Although meteor sightings have led to questions about the knowledge of extraterrestrials in the past, this one is playing second fiddle to the actual UFOs making themselves known around the globe. Most recently, Uruguay has added its name to the list of places being visited by a bizarre vessel in the sky.