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Bear Face Found On Mars Goes Viral, See The Unbelievable Image

The Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter camera records a shot that many believe looks exactly like a bear’s face.

1 year ago

nuclear rockets

NASA Using Nuclear Powered Rockets To Go Into Space, Nothing Can Possibly Go Wrong

NASA is looking into the possibiity of using nuclear-powered rockets for a mission to Mars.

1 year ago

oxygen on mars

NASA’s Unbelievable Plan To Build Homes On Mars

NASA has tasked an engineer with working on her idea of using microbes to grow the material Martian settlers will need to build structures.

1 year ago


Scientists Turning Asteroids Into Cities?

Scientists from the University of Rochester have put forth an incredible and theoretical proposal to build cities on asteroids.

1 year ago

Star Trek Enterprise

Star Trek Tribute Is Going To Space Thanks To Fans

Art created by fans will soon be launched into space, decorating SuperDove satellites that will orbit and observe Earth.

1 year ago

kepler exoplanet

A Planet Is About To Be Obliterated By Its Own Sun

Kepler-1658b, a giant exoplanet, will soon be destroyed when it collides with its own sun.

1 year ago

william shatner documentary

William Shatner Had An Awful Time During His Trip To Space

Playing Captain James Tiberius Kirk throughout the long history of Star Trek, led to William Shatner going into space himself …

1 year ago

nasa moon

Humans Expected To Live On The Moon By 2030

NASA is certain that humans will live and work on the moon by 2030.

1 year ago

heat shield mars

NASA Has Found A Key Component To Life On Mars

NASA has successfully tested a new kind of heat shield with the hope of use in landing on Mars.

1 year ago

the sun

See A Solar Snake Slither Across The Sun In Bizarre Video

A European Space Agency of a solar snake making its way across the Sun’s surface has been edited to show the phenomenon’s progress.

1 year ago


Object Falling From Space Caught On Video, Destroys Man’s Home And Kills His Dog

A falling object from space sadly destroyed a man’s home and killed his dog in Nevada.

1 year ago


Scientists Think There Are Almost Infinite Alien Space Craft In Our Solar System?

Harvard astronomer Avi Loeb think there are four quintillion alien spacecraft crossing our solar system.

1 year ago

nicolas cage vampire's kiss

A Vampire Sun Is A Real Thing And Astronomers Just Found The Rarest One

Scientists have located a binary pair of stars so close they orbit each other every 51 minutes.

2 years ago

mars attacks

Scientists Think Climate Change Killed The Martians?

A recent study suggests life has already called the planet Mars its home. The study shared by the University of …

2 years ago

william shatner star trek

William Shatner Had An Unexpected Reaction After Going To Space

William Shatner experienced deep feelings of sadness when he gazed into outer space.

2 years ago

nasa mars

See NASA Crash A Satellite Into An Asteroid To Protect Earth

NASA launched a rocket known as DART into an asteroid called Dimorphos.

2 years ago

terraform mars

NASA Releases Wild Sounds Of Meteorites Hitting Mars

NASA’s audio recordings of meteorites hitting Mars sound more like pebbles hitting water than impacts.

2 years ago

mars oxygen

Organic Matter Found On Mars, Confirms Signs Of Life?

The Mars Perseverance Rover has found a high concentration of organic matter in a part of Mars where life could potentially exist.

2 years ago

satellite solar system

Experts Worried That Newly Launched Satellite Could Be Brighter Than Any Star

A newly launched SpaceX satellite named Blue Walker 3 is likely going to be visibly brighter than any star in the sky.

2 years ago

star trek

Another Star Trek Legend Honored With A Final Space Voyage

A Sample of DeForest Kelley’s DNA will be carried into space along with those of his late colleagues.

2 years ago

mars life

Scientists Are Making Oxygen On Mars?

NASA scientists are doing the impossible and creating pure oxygen on the planet Mars, out of practically nothing.

2 years ago

nasa black hole

NASA Releases Audio From A Black Hole And It’s Creepy

NASA has released the sound of a black hole screaming across light years and, unsurprisingly, it is terrifying.

2 years ago

james webb telescope alien life

Scientists Say They Cried When Seeing First James Webb Telescope Images

We are just a short time away from seeing the first images from the James Webb Telescope and the findings are already causing scientists to shed some tears.

2 years ago

nasa mars

NASA Says They Can Grow Food In Space Without Soil

No soil? Do they use GrubHub?

2 years ago

the sun

A Giant Sunspot Is Pointed Directly At Earth

Well that doesn’t sound good.

2 years ago


Scientists Worried About Deadly Pathogens Coming From Mars

Like we didn’t have enough to worry about.

2 years ago


Scientists Think Jupiter Has Eaten Many Smaller Planets

Wow, leave some for Galactus!

2 years ago

voyager 1

Something Strange Is Wrong With The Voyager 1 Space Probe

Do you want evil space clouds? Because this is how we get evil space clouds.

2 years ago

the moon internet
space aliens

Scientists Just Discovered The Furthest Ever Object In Space

Scientists think they’ve now spotted the furthest object ever recorded in space. Next up is what exactly we are actually looking at

2 years ago