Scientists Think There Are Almost Infinite Alien Space Craft In Our Solar System?

Harvard astronomer Avi Loeb think there are four quintillion alien spacecraft crossing our solar system.

By Mark McKee | Published

Aliens are not only real, but they are collecting outside of the reach of our visible range and waiting for the right moment to come down to Earth and inspire Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones to team up and don the black suits and RayBans. If that sounds entirely made up, it’s because it is, but only partly. According to Futurism, alien-hunting Harvard astronomer Avi Loeb has put forth new research that suggests that not only are there aliens in our galaxy, but there are actually four quintillion alien crafts speeding across our solar system. If you thought traffic in Los Angeles was rough, you’ve never been to the Milky Way super highway. 

When a discovery was made in 2017 of an object that scientists couldn’t fully explain, dubbed Oumuamua, it sent the alien hunters into a whirlwind to find answers. While plenty of debate surrounds the Oumuamua object, Loeb is coming out not with the declaration that aliens have arrived and the Oumuamua is proof of their existence, but more that we should be asking something more; how many other objects like the Oumuamua are out there that go unnoticed?

Artist Concept of Oumuamua courtesy of NASA

The alien hunter is, of course, getting a fair amount of backlash for spurring alien conspiracy theorists and giving them more ammo to accuse our government of being run by lizard people. Still, his research isn’t backed by baseless claims. Instead, this is how he came up with the number. 

First, Loeb got together with fellow Harvard astronomer Carson Ezell, and they counted up the discoveries since the Oumuamua, totaling four in the last eight years. Using that data and comparing it to the size of the solar system, our rate of monitoring it, and the limits of our instruments, they hypothesized that there could be a terrifying 40 decillion interstellar objects in the entire solar system.

Naturally, in the interest of being modest, they cut the number down to only the habitable areas of the solar system in the proximity of our sun, bringing us to the four quintillion suspected alien crafts. But where are they, and have they visited?

Aliens have been a part of our culture since the beginning of time. While our cultural understanding of the phenomenon really took off in large part thanks to the happenings in Roswell, New Mexico, in the 1950s, you can find their representations adorning many ancient civilizations if you look hard enough.

A large group of people believes that not only aliens exist and that Unidentified Flying Objects (UFOs) are commonplace in the world today, but that the governments of the world have banned together to keep them secret from keeping them secret from the masses to avoid panic. 

But if you dive into our understanding of the universe and the phenomenon that makes it beautiful, we have more questions than answers, and when we don’t have answers, we attribute them to otherworldly beings. When ancient man saw things in the sky they couldn’t explain, they drew them as aliens, and we interpreted that as evidence of existence; similarly when we look at ancient man and can’t figure out how they built the pyramids, we attribute it to alien assistance.

When we look at the Oumuamua, is it simply something we have yet to discover and understand? Or is it proof of alien lifeforms in our solar system? Either way, the parking lots at football stadiums are already a nightmare, and we’re not looking forward to parking among four quintillion other drivers.