• Formed: July 29, 1958
  • Location: Kennedy Space Center
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solar flare sun

Solar Flares Break Records In Largest Display Seen For Years

In the past 24 hours, several record-breaking X-class flares have erupted from the Sun’s surface. Solar flares are measured based …

3 hours ago

black hole

Brightest Black Hole Ever Discovered And It’s Eating Suns Every Day

Our understanding of the universe is about to be totally redefined: astronomers have unveiled the most luminous object ever detected—a …

2 days ago


The Astronaut Chills In First Look At Sci-Fi Thriller

Space exploration’s dangers and perils have always been a thrilling area for directors – sci-fi background or not – to …

2 days ago

fast radio bursts

Dead Star Glitches Key To Decoding Mysterious Deep Space Signals

The astronomical community is abuzz over a groundbreaking discovery spurred by NASA’s powerful X-ray telescopes, one shedding light on enigmatic …

4 days ago

Asteroids Carrying Water On Surface Discovered For First Time

Asteroids in our Solar System have long been considered devoid of water due to the harsh conditions of space. However, …

1 week ago

dwarf galaxy

Galaxy That Shouldn’t Exist Shows Up In JWST Photo

Scientists are puzzled by a newly discovered dwarf galaxy found 98 million light years away from Earth that we’re now …

2 weeks ago

kilonova explosion

Distant Universe Explosion Can Wipe Out Life On Earth

In the mood for a terrifying prospect? A groundbreaking study revealed a cosmic phenomenon capable of ending life on Earth—and …

2 weeks ago


World Record For Time Spent In Space Smashed

Russian cosmonaut Oleg Kononenko recently broke a record that some might have speculated was unsurpassable: the nearly 900 days spent …

2 weeks ago


Seeds Of Life Found On Asteroid In Space

Researchers have found “cometary organic matter” in samples from a near-Earth asteroid called Ryugu. The celestial body was visited by …

3 weeks ago


The Moon Is Shrinking And Causing Dangerous Moonquakes

We normally don’t consider the moon a source of extraterrestrial danger. Comets—yes; but the lunar body—not so much. However, a …

3 weeks ago

dark matter fast radio bursts

Colliding Galaxies Shine Bright In Radiant Space Photo

Hubble Space Telescope brought us some of the prettiest images of the final frontier, its beautiful gas clouds, various nebulae, …

4 weeks ago

inflatable space station

See Inflatable Space Station Blow Up On Purpose

Sierra Space, a leading player in the space exploration arena, deliberately blew up its first full-scale inflatable space station module …

4 weeks ago

Private Lunar Lander Burns In Atmosphere

The Peregrine lunar lander, a privately developed spacecraft from Astrobotic Technology, met its demise on January 18 after lingering in …

1 month ago

Star Trek Starfleet Symbol Shows Up On Mars

It looks like someone may have accidentally violated the Prime Directive. A very familiar Star Trek symbol was recently spotted …

1 month ago

Strange Signal From Outside Our Galaxy Discovered By NASA

Close encounters with a sentient species beyond our solar system may be closer than we think or are prepared for. …

1 month ago

Black Hole Birth Observed For The First Time Ever?

If an amateur astronomer ever comes running to you with a startling discovery, you should probably listen to them. This …

1 month ago

space tourism

Star Trek Moon Lander Is In Scary Trouble

Astrobotic’s ambitious lunar mission has encountered problems just hours after its historic liftoff from Cape Canaveral with a six-foot Peregrine …

1 month ago

NASA Making History With Solar Probe Practically Touching The Sun

NASA’s Parker Solar Probe is set to make an incredibly fast, unprecedentedly close trip past the Sun late this year. …

2 months ago

New Space Race Includes Battlegrounds For Key Points

Most people have never heard of Lagrange points, but they are the new battleground in an emerging space race between …

2 months ago

Mars Volcanoes More Active Than We Imagined

A survey using advanced technology has unearthed surprising evidence of recently active Mars volcanoes, challenging the belief that the red …

2 months ago

New Uranus Photos From NASA Are Out Of This World With Beauty

The James Webb Space Telescope has allowed us to see space and our solar system like never before, and its …

2 months ago

NASA Streams First Deep Space Video Ever

NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) accomplished the unthinkable last week, and transmitted information into deep space in the form of …

2 months ago

Solar Flare Hits Earth, One Of Largest Ever Recorded

A massive solar flare struck the Earth, disrupting radio signals and shocking scientists. The flare, which reached our little blue …

2 months ago

NASA Experiment Shows Signs Of Life From One Planet’s Moon

The latest groundbreaking experiments from NASA have planned to identify signs of life in Saturn’s icy moon, known as Enceladus. …

2 months ago

Why America Stopped Caring About Space Exploration

Talk to any scientist and they’ll tell you that the United States is suffering from a lack of vision. We’re …

3 months ago

NASA Is Giving Up On Mars?

NASA has some pretty ambitious plans for Mars in the near future, but the space agency’s recent decision to cut …

3 months ago

NASA Destroying International Space Station For $1 Billion?

For almost 25 years, the International Space Station (ISS) has stood as a symbol of global unity in the realm …

3 months ago

NASA Apologizes For Jupiter Colonization Message

Have you ever looked up at the stars and dreamed of visiting the planets in our Solar System? Well, the …

3 months ago

the challenge

Wooden Satellite Launching Into Space Next Year?

Sustainability isn’t just for those of us with our feet firmly planted on Earth anymore. According to Live Science, NASA …

3 months ago

First Astronaut To Orbit The Moon Dead At 95

Frank Borman, NASA’s oldest living astronaut and a pivotal figure in the early years of American space exploration, passed away …

3 months ago