• Formed: July 29, 1958
  • Location: Kennedy Space Center
  • Related: Space Force
  • Status: Active

voyager 1

Voyager 1 Makes Miraculous Full Recovery

NASA first launched the iconic Voyager 1 space probe into orbit back in September 1977, with the intention of studying …

2 days ago

Sci-Fi Horror Bug Discovered On International Space Station

It’s a startling find straight out of the dark depths of sci-fi horror: aboard the International Space Station (ISS), NASA …

2 days ago

The Titan 2018

Netflix Sci-Fi Thriller Turns Hope Into Horror With Avatar Star

The 2018 sci-fi thriller The Titan, starring Sam Worthington (Avatar), Taylor Schilling, and Tom Wilkinson, is streaming on Netflix. Directed …

7 days ago

Planet Surviving A Dying Star In Deep Space Gives Hope For Earth’s Future

As much as we all do to try and preserve the Earth for future generations, inevitably life on the planet …

1 week ago

Only Venus Satellite Suddenly Dies In Space

Japan’s Akatsuki probe, the only spacecraft to survive the harsh environment of Venus for almost a decade, has fallen silent. …

2 weeks ago

Scientists Warn Historic Solar Flares Are Coming Back For Another Shot At Earth

In early May, solar active region AR 13664 produced an impressive 12 X-class solar flares over just six days. The …

3 weeks ago


Scientific Breakthrough Reveals Venus Is Very Different Than We Thought

Space is constantly surprising us in some exciting, thrilling, and oftentimes terrifying ways as we get a better grasp on …

3 weeks ago

Uranus Reveals Surprising Gassy Secret

Astronomers believe Uranus might contain significantly more methane than previously assumed. Uranus and Neptune are called ice giants because they …

3 weeks ago

Mars Organic Matter Origins Reevaluated In New Research

An exciting new development in the search for organic life beyond our own Pale Blue Dot is underway via researchers …

1 month ago

planet 9

Ancient Earth-like Lake On Mars Actually Happened?

Could Martian fish have once swum through lakes on the Red Planet? The possibility is a little easier to imagine …

1 month ago

NASA Reveals Weather On Planet Almost 300 Light Years Away

The achievement is breathtaking. NASA’s famous James Webb Space Telescope has successfully mapped the weather on a fiery gas-giant exoplanet, …

1 month ago

NASA Reveals Look Inside Supermassive Black Hole, See The Mind-Bending Views

Space is a terrifying and fascinating place, and perhaps nothing embodies this more than black holes. Getting sucked into one …

1 month ago

earth planet nasa

NASA Discovers Rogue Planet Heavy As 10 Earths

It’s an unprecedented cosmic event straight out of sci-fi: NASA’s Transiting Exoplanet Survey Satellite (TESS—great acronym) identified a rogue planet, …

2 months ago

Meteor Shower In May Promises Cosmic Light Show

The skywatchers across the globe might be treated to a cosmic light show on the nights of May 5 and …

2 months ago

mars spiders

Mars Spiders Revealed in Creepy Photograph

Life on Mars has long been the subject of various works of fiction, some of which often fueled bad dreams. …

2 months ago


Scientists Prepare For Hazardous Asteroid Heading Towards Earth

In five years, the asteroid dubbed Apophis will make a scarily close pass by Earth, and scientists are getting ready …

2 months ago

Voyager 1 Restarts Transmissions After Months

NASA engineers have received usable data from Voyager 1 for the first time in five months. The information comes after …

2 months ago

NASA Dragonfly

NASA Dragonfly Mission Sends Drone Far Into Solar System For Incredible Mission

NASA is sending a drone-like craft to explore Saturn’s largest Moon as part of its Dragonfly mission. Known as Titan, …

2 months ago

The 90s NASA Cult Hit Comedy You Can Stream Without Netflix Right Now

1997’s RocketMan is currently streaming for free on Tubi, and I really wanted to revisit this film as an adult …

2 months ago

international space station NASA

Mystery Bacteria On The International Space Station Is Mutating

The 2017 movie Life showed us what could potentially happen if we ever decide to disturb any life form found …

2 months ago

space junk

NASA Confirms Space Junk Tore Through Florida Home

Say what you will about the sci-fi movies our reality increasingly resembles—at least it’s not predictable. Just ask the family …

2 months ago


NASA Sends Space Rocks To Mars But It’s A Total Accident

If you’re tuned into the news at all, you likely know that NASA scientists warn the public of impending doom …

2 months ago

Armageddon Was Wrong, No Bomb Could Have Destroyed That Asteroid

At one point or another, while watching Michael Bay’s asteroid drama Armageddon, everyone asks themselves, “Would that really work?” Viewers …

2 months ago


Gateway Is Humanity’s First Lunar Space Station

The long-held dream of humankind being able to live on the moon is inching closer to reality. As welding is …

2 months ago


The Moon Is Getting Its Own Time Zone

In a fascinating move, the White House has given a directive to NASA to create a standard Moon time by …

3 months ago

international space station

International Space Station Junk Slams Into Florida Home

Debris from the International Space Station has destroyed a home in the quiet neighborhood of Naples, Florida. According to the …

3 months ago

The Moon Is Getting Plants In Just A Few Years

Humans first walked on the moon on July 20, 1969. Now, in 2026, NASA is sending a new team out …

3 months ago

carl sagan

Read Carl Sagan’s Inspiring Message To Future Explorers Of Mars

Mars has inspired dreams of exploration for a hundred years, from the warrior kings of Edgar Rice Burroughs’ John Carter …

3 months ago

Nova Star Happening This Year, Here’s How You Can See This Stellar Spectacle

Imagine the beauty of a star millions of miles away, suddenly lighting up the sky, becoming brighter than any other …

3 months ago