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  • Location: Kennedy Space Center
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jupiter flat

Distant Planet Identified By Rancid Odor

Astronomers announced an interesting fact about the exoplanet HD 189733 b on July 8 that many space enthusiasts might not …

4 days ago

planet 9

Ancient Water Found Floating In Deep Space

As humankind is entering a new era of space exploration, scientists have recently revealed that there is a giant reservoir …

6 days ago

International Space Station Hit By Debris After Mysterious Satellite Destruction

The International Space Station faced a scary situation as it encountered the threat of debris from another spacecraft colliding with …

2 weeks ago


NASA Asteroid Sample Reveals Shocking Origin

The NASA OSIRIS-REx mission has revealed that the asteroid Bennu may have originated from an ancient, watery planet. The unprecedented …

2 weeks ago

billionaire immortal

Elon Musk Hired To Destroy International Space Station

NASA is bringing on Elon Musk’s SpaceX company to take the International Space Station out of orbit. The contract is …

2 weeks ago

international space station (1)

US Astronauts Stuck In International Space Station For Way Too Long

If you’ve been following the news in recent months, you may be aware that Boeing is currently embroiled in a …

3 weeks ago

milky way

NASA Hubble Image Captures Birth Of A Nebula

As technology continues to advance, the leaps and bounds that we are seeing in the field of science are almost …

3 weeks ago

asteroids, earth

NASA Makes Catastrophic Asteroid Defense Discovery

A recent NASA exercise has demonstrated how ill-suited world governments are for dealing with an asteroid on a collision course …

3 weeks ago

black hole

Galaxy Cores Merge In First Ever Discovery

Though mankind has only been sending men into the reaches of space for a few short decades, new discoveries and …

3 weeks ago

voyager 1

Voyager 1 Makes Miraculous Full Recovery

NASA first launched the iconic Voyager 1 space probe into orbit back in September 1977, with the intention of studying …

4 weeks ago

Sci-Fi Horror Bug Discovered On International Space Station

It’s a startling find straight out of the dark depths of sci-fi horror: aboard the International Space Station (ISS), NASA …

4 weeks ago

The Titan 2018

Netflix Sci-Fi Thriller Turns Hope Into Horror With Avatar Star

The 2018 sci-fi thriller The Titan, starring Sam Worthington (Avatar), Taylor Schilling, and Tom Wilkinson, is streaming on Netflix. Directed …

1 month ago

Planet Surviving A Dying Star In Deep Space Gives Hope For Earth’s Future

As much as we all do to try and preserve the Earth for future generations, inevitably life on the planet …

1 month ago

Only Venus Satellite Suddenly Dies In Space

Japan’s Akatsuki probe, the only spacecraft to survive the harsh environment of Venus for almost a decade, has fallen silent. …

1 month ago

Scientists Warn Historic Solar Flares Are Coming Back For Another Shot At Earth

In early May, solar active region AR 13664 produced an impressive 12 X-class solar flares over just six days. The …

2 months ago


Scientific Breakthrough Reveals Venus Is Very Different Than We Thought

Space is constantly surprising us in some exciting, thrilling, and oftentimes terrifying ways as we get a better grasp on …

2 months ago

Uranus Reveals Surprising Gassy Secret

Astronomers believe Uranus might contain significantly more methane than previously assumed. Uranus and Neptune are called ice giants because they …

2 months ago

Mars Organic Matter Origins Reevaluated In New Research

An exciting new development in the search for organic life beyond our own Pale Blue Dot is underway via researchers …

2 months ago

planet 9

Ancient Earth-like Lake On Mars Actually Happened?

Could Martian fish have once swum through lakes on the Red Planet? The possibility is a little easier to imagine …

2 months ago

NASA Reveals Weather On Planet Almost 300 Light Years Away

The achievement is breathtaking. NASA’s famous James Webb Space Telescope has successfully mapped the weather on a fiery gas-giant exoplanet, …

2 months ago

NASA Reveals Look Inside Supermassive Black Hole, See The Mind-Bending Views

Space is a terrifying and fascinating place, and perhaps nothing embodies this more than black holes. Getting sucked into one …

2 months ago

earth planet nasa

NASA Discovers Rogue Planet Heavy As 10 Earths

It’s an unprecedented cosmic event straight out of sci-fi: NASA’s Transiting Exoplanet Survey Satellite (TESS—great acronym) identified a rogue planet, …

2 months ago

Meteor Shower In May Promises Cosmic Light Show

The skywatchers across the globe might be treated to a cosmic light show on the nights of May 5 and …

2 months ago

mars spiders

Mars Spiders Revealed in Creepy Photograph

Life on Mars has long been the subject of various works of fiction, some of which often fueled bad dreams. …

3 months ago


Scientists Prepare For Hazardous Asteroid Heading Towards Earth

In five years, the asteroid dubbed Apophis will make a scarily close pass by Earth, and scientists are getting ready …

3 months ago

Voyager 1 Restarts Transmissions After Months

NASA engineers have received usable data from Voyager 1 for the first time in five months. The information comes after …

3 months ago

NASA Dragonfly

NASA Dragonfly Mission Sends Drone Far Into Solar System For Incredible Mission

NASA is sending a drone-like craft to explore Saturn’s largest Moon as part of its Dragonfly mission. Known as Titan, …

3 months ago

The 90s NASA Cult Hit Comedy You Can Stream Without Netflix Right Now

1997’s RocketMan is currently streaming for free on Tubi, and I really wanted to revisit this film as an adult …

3 months ago

international space station NASA

Mystery Bacteria On The International Space Station Is Mutating

The 2017 movie Life showed us what could potentially happen if we ever decide to disturb any life form found …

3 months ago