Why America Stopped Caring About Space Exploration

Talk to any scientist and they’ll tell you that the United States is suffering from a lack of vision. We’re …

6 days ago

NASA Is Giving Up On Mars?

NASA has some pretty ambitious plans for Mars in the near future, but the space agency’s recent decision to cut …

2 weeks ago

NASA Destroying International Space Station For $1 Billion?

For almost 25 years, the International Space Station (ISS) has stood as a symbol of global unity in the realm …

2 weeks ago

NASA Apologizes For Jupiter Colonization Message

Have you ever looked up at the stars and dreamed of visiting the planets in our Solar System? Well, the …

2 weeks ago

the challenge

Wooden Satellite Launching Into Space Next Year?

Sustainability isn’t just for those of us with our feet firmly planted on Earth anymore. According to Live Science, NASA …

3 weeks ago

First Astronaut To Orbit The Moon Dead At 95

Frank Borman, NASA’s oldest living astronaut and a pivotal figure in the early years of American space exploration, passed away …

3 weeks ago

Astronaut Sees Skull On Earth’s Surface From Space, See The Creepy Photo

Astronauts aboard the International Space Station (ISS) captured a haunting image of what looks like a gigantic skull in the …

3 weeks ago

NASA+ Is Agency’s New Streaming Service, Seriously

NASA+, which is premiering later this month, is a new streaming service from the National Aeronautics and Space Administration that …

4 weeks ago

Apollo 13 Astronaut Played By Gary Sinise Passes Away

It’s a sad day for the impassioned science and space community today, as confirms Apollo 13 astronaut Thomas K. …

4 weeks ago

NASA Releases Creepy Solar System Recordings

They say that in space, no one can hear you scream. That’s good because that means that no one will …

1 month ago

NASA Finds Ghostly Cosmic Hand 16,000 Light-Years From Earth

In a discovery which seems to have leapt straight out of the pages of a science fiction novel, NASA X-rays …

1 month ago

NASA Captures Ghoulish Face Found On Jupiter, See The Creepy Photo

Have you ever looked up at the sky, and thought that the cloud above you looked just like a car, …

1 month ago

The Most Expensive Material In The Galaxy Lands On Earth

It’s no secret that the Universe is a wondrous place, and NASA has confirmed, on more than one occasion, that …

1 month ago

space collision

NASA Having Serious Trouble With Important Asteroid Sample

NASA is having trouble opening a container holding an asteroid sample that recently arrived from space. According to a NASA …

1 month ago

The Real Planet Where Forces Of Light And Dark Are At War

One thing most planets have in common is that they all reflect light. The Earth, for instance, reflects nearly 40% …

1 month ago


See The Stunning Look At Jupiter’s Volcano Moon

One of Jupiter’s largest moons put on a show for NASA’s Juno spacecraft last week (October 15) when it passed …

1 month ago

mars life

Blue Sunset On Mars Stuns In Incredible Photo

Admittedly, our universe brims with mesmerizing celestial wonders. None perhaps more stunning than the recent blue sunset on Mars, an …

2 months ago


SpaceX Launching Historic Mission To Find Ancient Planet

While the Earth continues to plunge into absolute chaos with a slew of incredibly damaging and dangerous wars now in …

2 months ago

asteroids, earth

NASA Finds Asteroids With Life-Giving Elements That Could Change Everything

Even though it’s 2023 and the scientific community has made incredible advancements in understanding not only the space around us …

2 months ago

Killer Solar Storm Destroying Earth And We Can’t Stop It?

We’ve all experienced those days when it’s sunny one moment and unpredictably pouring rain the next. As it turns out, …

2 months ago

international space station NASA

International Space Station Still Springing Leaks And In Major Trouble?

Normally, life aboard the International Space Station bears very little resemblance to the world of Star Trek: after all, a …

2 months ago


NASA Redesigning Space Suits With Help From Greatest Designer In The World

NASA’s new space suits are getting a major makeover from Prada. The news comes as commercial spaceflight venture Axiom Space …

2 months ago

planets planetary protection

Scientists Discover Mysterious Planets Floating Through Space With No Sun

While we certainly have a better understanding of space and our solar system than we did several decades ago, there …

2 months ago

oxygen on mars

Oxygen Created On Mars In A Game-Changing Moment

Hopefully, Humans will explore Mars one day, but they will need oxygen to do it. Recently, the NASA two-year experiment …

2 months ago


Europa Reveals Mysterious Source Of Life Element, Is Life On Jupiter’s Moon?

Thanks to the wonder of franchises like Star Trek and Star Wars, many of us are primed to look into …

2 months ago

NASA Mission To Retrieve Samples From Mars Is Already Doomed

NASA has a plan to bring samples back from Mars, but an independent review has assessed the plan as essentially …

2 months ago

NASA Probe Is About To Deliver Deep Space Samples To Earth For the First Time

NASA is about to make history by obtaining asteroid samples from deep space this week. The OSIRIS-REx spacecraft will be …

2 months ago


Deep Space Asteroid Sample Finally Coming To Earth

Very soon, scientists in Utah might be in possession of a deep space sample that is as old as our …

3 months ago


NASA Astronaut Sets Incredible New Record

From the first trip to the Moon and beyond, NASA has been setting the kinds of records that inspire humanity, …

3 months ago


Scientists Find Source Of Earthquakes On Moon In Last Place Anyone Expects

According to a recent write-up in Gizmodo, scientists are now questioning whether a series of earthquakes across the moon were …

3 months ago