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star trek

The Coolest Spaceships In Science Fiction Films

Here are our top ten choices for the coolest spaceships in cinematic history.

11 months ago

Saturn Is Destroying Its Own Rings, Baffling Scientists

Saturn is losing its rings through erosion of the ice particles that comprise each of the seven layers.

12 months ago


Massive Asteroid Is About To Speed Past Earth, Dangerously Close

An asteroid is projected to come as close to Earth as The Moon.

12 months ago

dead stars

Galaxies Forming Faster Than We Thought According To New Webb Telescope Photos

Scientists found galaxies that formed near the Big Bang.

12 months ago

There Are Now Going To Be Zero Gravity Private Concerts

A new company is offering zero-gravity concerts onboard G Force One.

12 months ago


Life On Exoplanet Is Possible But We May Not Be Able To Detect It

Using the transit method, scientists can find exoplanets that support life.

12 months ago


There’s A Mysterious Chunk Of The Moon Orbiting Around Earth

Scientists believe an asteroid orbiting Earth may have once been part of the Moon.

12 months ago

biggest comet ever

Building A Dyson Sphere Now A Possibility?

Scientists believe constructing a Dyson sphere is possible in our solar system.

12 months ago

wolf 359

10 Most Intense Space Battles In Sci-Fi Movies

We go through our choices for the ten most epic space battles in cinema.

12 months ago

Scientists Say They Know When Aliens Will Make Contact With Earth

A new scientific study has found potential evidence that has researchers believing we will be in contact with aliens by 2029.

12 months ago


How Does Hyperspace Work In Star Wars?

Hyperspace is a separate dimension that ships in Star Wars access to travel faster than light.

12 months ago

china moon

Moon Landing Turns Into Disaster For Private Company

The private Japanese company Ispace attempted a moon landing but lost communication with the unmanned space shuttle.

12 months ago

black hole

See A Black Hole That Is Running Through Space Creating New Stars

A black hole moving through space was photographed by NASA.

12 months ago

sun storm

The Sun Is Acting Extremely Strange But We May Know Why

Scientists think they know how the Sun generates extreme heat.

12 months ago

See The Sun Spit Out A Terrifying Tornado

A sun tornado was discovered that is 14 Earths tall.

12 months ago

the challenge

NASA Satellite Plummets Back To Earth And Might Not Hit Anyone

NASA’s RHEESI satellite is re-entering orbit, and parts are expected to hit the surface.

12 months ago

China Plans To Have A Base On The Moon Before 2030

China is planning to have a moon base established by the end of the decade.

1 year ago

biggest comet ever

NASA Found The Brightest Object In The Universe

A new star has been discovered that is brighter than anyone thought possible, exceeding the brightness of our own Sun by 10 million times.

1 year ago

spacex starship

SpaceX Is About To Launch A Mars Spacecraft

SpaceX is preparing to launch the Super Heavy rocket, a main component of the plans to reach Mars.

1 year ago

Richard Branson’s Virgin Orbit Just Filed For Bankruptcy

Richard Branson’s Virgin Orbit has filed for bankruptcy.

1 year ago

SpaceX satellites

SpaceX Satellites Are Starting To Fall Out Of The Sky

One of SpaceX’s mini-satellites has fallen out of orbit toward the Earth.

1 year ago

Aliens Could Be Hiding On Planets With Eternal Night

A new theory of where aliens might be hiding could bring us closer to discovering life outside of Earth.

1 year ago

Radio Signals From Space Lead Scientists To An Earth-Size Planet

Radio signals from space led to YZ Ceti b, an Earth-size planet with a functioning magnetic field.

1 year ago

system Gliese 667

Starless Planets Are The Key To Colonizing Space?

Starless planets may present the perfect factors for their moons to possess water, at least temporarily.

1 year ago

matthew mcconaughey interstellar

​​Space Travel Makes You Rapidly Age, But Now There’s A Solution 

Space travel causes more SUMO proteins to be produced, rapidly aging humans that spend significant time in zero-gravity.

1 year ago

the moon internet

The Moon Is Getting The Internet, Here’s How And Why

Nokia is planning to establish 4G Internet on the moon to facilitate real-time communication with astronauts.

1 year ago

moon water

Strange Glass Beads Discovered On The Moon Might Contain A Shocking Secret

Scientists have discovered water on the moon, trapped inside glass spheres deep underground.

1 year ago

the sun

A Terrifying Massive Hole In The Sun Is Going To Blast Our Planet Within Days

Scientists have discovered a coronal hole the size of 20 Earths on the Sun.

1 year ago

planets planetary protection

Alpha Centauri Mission Searching For Life, Signals Already Found

A team of researchers out of the University of Sydney will search Alpha Centauri for signs of life in the hope of finding another habitable planet.

1 year ago

NASA Found Evidence Of a Dust Storm On A Planet Beyond Our Solar System

The James Webb Telescope captured a dust storm on exoplanet VHS 1256 b, a “super Jupiter” planet beyond our solar system.

1 year ago