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black hole

NASA Discovers Supermassive Black Hole At The Edge Of The Universe

The James Webb Space Telescope has only been in service for under a year, but the impact that it has …

8 months ago

Satellites In Space Could All Be Destroyed Because Of One Single Event

If we’re not careful, all of the satellites in space could be destroyed by one single event, according to Science …

8 months ago

Researchers Find A Planet Hiding In Our Solar System?

If you’re still reeling from the trauma surrounding the downgrade of Pluto from planet to dwarf planet, you may want …

8 months ago

Catapults Will Defend Earth From Asteroids

A team of researchers at The Aerospace Corporation, a California non-profit, is hard at work trying to defend Earth from …

8 months ago

NASA Releases Beautiful Color Photograph Of Saturn

NASA used the James Webb Telescope to take an amazing full-color image of Saturn.

8 months ago

nasa moon

NASA Is Bringing Oxygen And Water To The Moon

NASA plans to have water and oxygen on The Moon by the end of the decade, starting with the 2025 Artemis Mission.

8 months ago

See Virgin Galactic Launch The First Tourist Spaceflight In History

Unity, Virgin Galactic’s space-traveling aircraft, successfully launched its first tourist mission this week.

8 months ago

New Mars Evidence Suggests Water Could Return To The Red Planet

The discovery of gullies on Mars that held water not long ago has scientists believing water could soon flow again on the red planet.

8 months ago

NASA Spots Building Block For Life In Distant Galaxy

NASA found carbon molecules, the building block of life, in the Orion Nebula.

8 months ago


Scientists Witness New Way For Stars To Die

A new study claims stars can cause a massive gamma ray burst by colliding into one another.

8 months ago

mars life

NASA Begins Mars Habitat Mission For Future Crewed Journeys

NASA has begun their Mars habitat mission to determine how humans could live on the planet.

8 months ago

NASA Takes Inspiration From Kevin Costner’s Waterworld With Recycling Pee Into Water

NASA is now able to turn astronauts urine into drinking water.

8 months ago

One Of The Rarest Stars In The Galaxy Discovered

Scientists found a second white dwarf pulsar under 800 light years from Earth.

8 months ago

NASA Mars Mission To Retrieve Soil Samples Has A Ludicrous Price Tag

NASA’s mission to retrieve soil samples from Mars is going to cost $10 billion, forcing the agency to push plans back for decades.

8 months ago

nasa black hole

Research Proves the Universe Was Once Filled With Black Holes

Scientists have dsicovered black holes formed early in the history of the universe and are far more common than expected.

8 months ago

falling satellites

Hackers Are Trying To Breach U.S. Space Satellite

Hackers are taking part in a military-sponsored event to attmept hacking a satellite in orbit.

8 months ago


Solar Storms Bring Earth To Highest Temperatures In 20 Years

Solar storms are causing Earth’s temperature to dramatically increase, making this the hottest summer in decades.

8 months ago

nasa dark matter

Dark-Matter Detecting Spacecraft Set For Launch

Elucide, a dark matter detecting spacecraft, is being sent into space by the European Space Agency.

8 months ago

White Dwarf Pulsar Second Ever Discovered In History

A white dwarf pulsar, a dying star that has collapsed inward onto itself, has been found for only the second time in history.

9 months ago

Planet-Sized Object Hotter Than The Sun Discovered

A brown dwarf star that burns twice as hot as our sun has been discovered.

9 months ago

the challenge

Japanese Company Wants To Toss Satellites At Earth 

Astroscale, a new space tech company, wants to clean out defunct satellites by throwing them out of orbit.

9 months ago

Saturn’s Moon Enceladus Produces Rare Building Block For Life

Enceladus, one of Saturn’s moons, contains phosphorus, the only confirmed source away from Earth.

9 months ago

space tourism

Virgin Galactic Commercial Space Flight Is Happening This Month

Virgin Galactic’s first commercial space flight is going to launch at the end of June.

9 months ago

planets planetary protection

The Planets Are Actually Aligning In Rare Cosmic Event, Here’s How To See It

The planets in our solar system are aligning in a rare event that can be observed by the naked eye.

9 months ago

Scientists Found A Star Transforming Into The Universe’s Biggest Diamond

A dying star can be seen transforming into the universe’s biggest diamond.

9 months ago

planet 9 new earth-like planet

Habitable Planet Perfect For Humans In The Future?

Proximia b, in the Alpha Centauri star system, might be able to support life, except it’s over four light years away.

9 months ago

Runaway Star Moving Faster Than Scientists Have Ever Seen

A runaway star exiting the Mily Way is one of the fastest objects ever recorded by humans.

9 months ago

billionaire immortal

Elon Musk Finds A New Planet To Colonize

Elon Musk has expressed interest in colonizing Proxima Centauri B, the inspiration for Avatar’s Pandora.

9 months ago

NASA Observes Jellyfish Galaxy In Beautiful Hubble Photo

The Hubble Space Telescope captures the clearest photo yet of JO206, known aptly as the jellyfish galaxy.

9 months ago

star wars planet tatooine

Tatooine Planet Discovered Orbiting Twin Suns

Scientists found a planet that, like the iconic Star Wars planet Tatooine, is orbiting twin suns.

9 months ago