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Golden Asteroid Worth More Than Earth’s Entire Economy Is Being Visited By NASA

NASA is sending a spacecraft to a golden asteroid that might be a rogue planetary core.

10 months ago


Brightest Cosmic Burst Since The Big Bang Observed And There’s Something Strange Going On

A gamma-ray burst from 2.4 billion light years away is the new brightest object of all time.

10 months ago


Betelgeuse Is Much Brighter Than It Should Be And Scientists Are Stumped

The red supergiant star Betelgeuse is shining 50 percent brighter than usual.

10 months ago

black holes

Milky Way Signals From Galactic Center Are Aliens Saying Hello?

Scientists are looking somewhere new for potential alien signals: our galaxy’s center.

10 months ago

milky way

Scientists Find Structures In Space That Are Light-Years In Length

Scientists discover hundreds of one-dimensional filaments in space.

10 months ago

Faintest Galaxy In The Universe Discovered

The faintest galaxy in our universe, JD1, dates back to the cosmic dark ages.

11 months ago

The Tractor Beam Is No Longer A Sci-Fi Fantasy

Researchers have found a way to build a system for real-life tractor beams to haul objects in space.

11 months ago

NASA Is At War With China Over Moon Water

NASA worries China may annex the Moon as it has islands in the South China Sea.

11 months ago

Saturn’s Moon Surprises Scientists With Potential For Life

Enceladus, a moon of Saturn, was found to contain water vapor.

11 months ago


North Korea Satellite Launch Ends In Complete Failure

North Korea’s attempts to launch a spy satellite into orbit has failed.

11 months ago

planets planetary protection

The Soot Line Is A New Area Where Habitable Planets Can Exist

A scientific study of the soot line suggests we should explore this region of space for possible habitable planets.

11 months ago

china moon

Scientists Discover Earth Has A Hidden Moon That’s Been Around For Centuries

Scientists have discovered a second moon of Earth, an asteroid designated 2023 FW13.

11 months ago

A Star Went Supernova And It’s So Bright Anyone Can View It

A star went supernova in a galaxy close enough, anyone with a telescope can watch it explode for months.

11 months ago

international space station (1)

Space Tourists Have A Problem Using Toilets In Zero-G

Private astronauts on the International Space Station are having difficulty adjusting to zero-gravity toilets.

11 months ago

nasa mars

NASA Is In Trouble For Spending An Obscene Amount To Reach The Moon

NASA is billions of dollars overbudget, and years behind schedule, for the Artemis Moon program.

11 months ago

Virgin Galactic Finishes Final Test Before Offering Tickets For Space Travel

Virgin Galactic conducted a milestone spaceflight on May 25, marking one of its final hurdles before offering commercial spaceflight services.

11 months ago

black hole

Black Hole Missing Link Found In Our Galaxy

An intermediate-sized black hole shows researchers how the strange obejcts grow and develop.

11 months ago

the sun

Monster Stars That Make Our Sun Look Puny Discovered

Evidence of monster stars 10,000 times the mass of our Sun have been located in deep space.

11 months ago


Asteroid Belt Reveals Water Vapor For First Time In History, Is There Life?

Water vapor was discovered on a massive comet in our solar system’s asteroid belt.

11 months ago

Scientists Want To Launch A Wooden Satellite Into Space, Will It Work?

A satellite made of wood will launch into space next year to be more sustainable, without leaving metal parts in Earth’s atmosphere.

11 months ago

Researchers Now Know The Shape Of Our Galaxy And It’s Totally Different Than Originally Thought

It was long thought that the shape of the Milky Way Galaxy branched into four arms, but scientists now believe it’s made only of two armed spirals.

11 months ago

system Gliese 667

Astronomers Discover Super Earth But There’s One Strange Thing About It

A Super Earth discovered by scientists has more mass than Earth but a shockingly low density for unexplained reasons.

11 months ago

Meteor Space Crash

Space Rock Worth $25K If You Can Find It On Earth

A space rock that landed in Maine is worth $25k to anyone that can find it.

11 months ago


Comet With Water In Asteroid Belt Discovered, And There’s Another Mystery

A comet was found to contain water, but it has no CO2, baffling scientists.

11 months ago

NASA Shares First Images Of A River On Mars

NASA found evidence on Mars of rivers.

11 months ago


Saturn Just Shocked Everyone By Revealing A Ton Of New Moons

Scientists have discovered over 60 more moons orbiting Saturn than previously spotted.

11 months ago

space aliens

Largest Cosmic Explosion Ever Observed And It’s Baffling Scientists

Scientists observed a massive cosmic explosion 100 times the size of our solar system.

11 months ago

meteor insurance

A Meteorite Struck The Earth And Landed In The Strangest Place

An object believed to be a meteorite blasted through the roof of a New Jersey house.

11 months ago


Scientists Discover Radio Bursts Coming From Possible Aliens

Researches believe that a specific fast radio burst (FRB) from a far away galaxy could be a signals from alien life.

11 months ago

robot snake alien

NASA Is Using Robot Snakes To Look For Aliens

NASA is developing a snake-like robot to explore other planets.

11 months ago