Scientists Say They Cried When Seeing First James Webb Telescope Images

We are just a short time away from seeing the first images from the James Webb Telescope and the findings are already causing scientists to shed some tears.

By Britta DeVore | Published

james webb telescope

Space has had the power to bring many to tears. Whether you’re camping with friends in the middle of the wilderness, or in your own backyard, there’s something about looking up at the cosmos and taking it all in. Over the years, science has made giant steps in photographing the galaxy, getting to the farthest reaches of space. Even those pictures, seen in planetariums and museums, can sometimes be enough to make a grown adult shed a tear or two, but now scientists are warning us to pull out the tissues with photos from the James Webb Space Telescope on the way.

We’re less than one week from the first drop of James Webb Space Telescope pictures with cameras still snapping away like a little space tourist. Although they may never land themselves on the red carpet of a Marvel release, scientists working closely with the breaking-edge piece of equipment are getting the first peeks at the fruit of their labor. And the results are blowing their giant brains. NASA’s deputy administrator, Pam Melroy, said that she was “moved” by the photos “as a scientist, as an engineer, and as a human being.” And with that profound statement, we’re all holding onto our butts, eagerly awaiting what the pictures will reveal. 

Along with stunning, vibrant, and all-around awe-inspiring images, it sounds like the information being collected by the James Webb Space Telescope will further help us understand the world – or space – around us. In a statement from NASA’s scientific missions lead Thomas Zurbuchen, revealed that they already had “some amazing science in the can” with much more where that came from. He also called the findings historic, saying that the information they’re learning is groundbreaking. 

Like Melroy, Zurbuchen also had some heartfelt things to say about the new photos from the James Webb Space Telescope, saying that he experienced “a moment that is deeply personal” from his viewing, something he expects will happen for everyone who takes a gander. The scientist went on to say that he hopes people “look forward” to finding out some of nature’s secrets when they check out the pics. We absolutely can’t wait to find out nature’s secrets! The anticipation is killing us! Also, no offense to scientists, but when they’re crying at something, you know it’s good. They’ve seen everything and understand the Earth and space more than those of us not in the biz ever could, so if something is impressing them and driving them to tears, you know it’s going to be incredible. 

So, what will the James Webb Space Telescope photos include? We can expect to see the universe like we never have before and into its deepest and darkest reaches. The dedicated scientists behind the project, which is more than 10 years in the making, are also teasing us with the idea of a very faraway planet outside of our own solar system that may have the ability to serve as a home for life forms. As an outdoorsy person, I can absolutely vibe with the idea of staring into the distance and getting teary-eyed over the wonders of our universe. And we at GFR can’t wait to feel all the feels and then some when those photos make their way to the public next week.