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Scientists Found Most Powerful Pulsar In The Universe

A pulsar is a highly compact and incredibly dense astronomical object that emits beams of electromagnetic radiation, including radio waves, …

5 months ago

planets planetary protection

Scientists Discover Mysterious Planets Floating Through Space With No Sun

While we certainly have a better understanding of space and our solar system than we did several decades ago, there …

5 months ago

oxygen on mars

Oxygen Created On Mars In A Game-Changing Moment

Hopefully, Humans will explore Mars one day, but they will need oxygen to do it. Recently, the NASA two-year experiment …

5 months ago

space debris

There Are Now Major Fines For Space Debris

In an unprecedented move, the FCC has slapped Dish Network with a $150,000 penalty for their failure to relocate the …

5 months ago

satellite solar system

Space Junk Receives First Penalty In History 

In a first-of-its-kind decision, the FCC has issued a fine of $150,000 to Dish Network for not moving its retired …

5 months ago

dead stars

Copycat Galaxies Discovered That Shouldn’t Exist

The James Webb Space Telescope (JWST) has discovered more than 1,000 galaxies that eerily resemble our own Milky Way. These …

5 months ago


Giant Planet-Like Objects Discovered And They Are Doing Something Unbelievable

According to BBC News, The James Webb Space Telescope (JWST) has discovered some Jupiter-sized planet-like objects called JuMBOs floating freely …

5 months ago

big bang theory

JWST Captures Ancient Galaxies That Shouldn’t Exist

Space, the final frontier, and one filled with many wonders—some of which still puzzle scientists. Abiding by the rules of …

5 months ago

netflix orbiter 9

The Romantic Sci-Fi Space Movie On Netflix With A Crazy Twist

Looking for a blend of romance and science fiction? Dive into the atmospheric universe of Orbiter 9, now streaming on …

5 months ago

Scientists Scramble To Fix Dark Matter Telescope

If you hear the term “dark universe,” you might think about Universal’s failed attempt to create a new cinematic universe …

5 months ago

China Is Actually Making An Underground Moon Base

The concept of establishing a moon base has intrigued scientists and space enthusiasts for years. Recently, Chinese researchers have reignited …

5 months ago


We Now Know What Created Saturn’s Iconic Rings

According to Earth.com, the rings of Saturn might have formed after the Collision of two icy moons. Findings published in …

5 months ago

dead stars

Scientists Find Ancient Galaxies And Are Completely Stunned By Discovery

One of the principal science missions of the James Webb Space Telescope (JWST) is to observe the epoch of time-space, …

5 months ago

black hole

Monster Black Hole Confirmed Spinning In Groundbreaking Discovery

The Guardian reports that scientists discovered a spinning supermassive black hole located 55m light years from Earth. The black hole …

5 months ago


Europa Reveals Mysterious Source Of Life Element, Is Life On Jupiter’s Moon?

Thanks to the wonder of franchises like Star Trek and Star Wars, many of us are primed to look into …

5 months ago

planet 9 new earth-like planet

Scientists Find Massive Planet Made Of One Solid Metal

The more we learn about the universe, the more we realize that the further out in space you go, the …

5 months ago


Black Holes Are More Powerful And Terrifying Than We Thought

It turns out black holes are like the Homer Simpson of space. While previously believed to eat slowly, researchers now …

5 months ago

jupiter flat

NASA Probe Is About To Deliver Deep Space Samples To Earth For the First Time

NASA is about to make history by obtaining asteroid samples from deep space this week. The OSIRIS-REx spacecraft will be …

5 months ago

the wandering earth

The Epic Sci-Fi Space Movie On Netflix That Transforms Earth In A Crazy Way

Embark on a cosmic journey like no other with The Wandering Earth, a visual spectacle that has taken the global …

5 months ago


See Wild Video Of Probe Going Through Massive Solar Eruption

Few pass through a solar eruption and live to tell the tale. Actually, nothing has – until now. ScienceAlert reports …

5 months ago

Lights Are Flashing On Venus And No One Knows Why 

First, scientists were stumped by mysterious flashing lights that appeared in Morocco just before the devastating earthquake that convulsed there …

5 months ago

rocket fuel

Scientists Furious Over Billionaire Sending Ancient Human Fossils Into Space

A Virgin Galactic flight recently made history by being the first space flight ever to bring a pile of human …

5 months ago


NASA Astronaut Sets Incredible New Record

From the first trip to the Moon and beyond, NASA has been setting the kinds of records that inspire humanity, …

5 months ago

dark matter fast radio bursts

Mysterious Element Stopping The Universe From Expanding

Scientists have stumbled upon a mysterious force that seems to have stopped the Universe from expanding. New research published in …

5 months ago


Scientists Locate Ancient Galaxy, Here’s Where It’s Hiding

While the James Webb Space Telescope gets all of the attention nowadays, the reliable old Hubble Space Telescope is still …

5 months ago

Scientists Discover Origin Of Venus Bright Lights

Unlike our missions to our Moon and Mars, Venus continues to be a planet that scientists are still working hard …

5 months ago

moon telescope

Scientists Building Giant Telescope On The Moon?

The relentless pursuit of scientific discovery has driven humanity to explore the cosmos in ever more ingenious ways. It was …

6 months ago

Scientists Find Hidden Galaxy Wrapped In Cosmic Ribbon

Science Alert reported that the (relatively) nearby galaxy NGC 4632 may be more than it appears. While astronomers initially thought …

6 months ago

star trek nebulae

NASA Releases Star Trek Nebulae Images

NASA‘s Spitzer Space Telescope captured two images that are now being referred to as Star Trek nebulae. The nebulae, named …

6 months ago


Space Race Heats Up With Another Country Sending Mission To The Moon

A new challenger has entered the Space Race. As reported by The Byte, Japan is the most recent country to …

6 months ago