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Neptune Secret Planet

Milky Way Twin Galaxy Discovered At Edge Of Universe

The Milky Way might want to change its name to the Twix galaxy because now there are two of them. …

8 months ago

Mars Cloud Patterns Discovered By Citizen Scientists

The more we explore the surface of Mars, the more everyone has become intrigued by the surface itself, and they …

8 months ago

Space Battle Just Occurred For The First Time In Human History

Works of fiction, such as Star Wars and Star Trek, show humanity’s fascination with battles occurring in the vacuum vastness …

8 months ago

dark matter fast radio bursts

We Were Just Saved From A Rogue Star Colliding With Our Solar System

The solar system has been granted a reprieve from a catastrophic collision with a rogue dwarf star, known as WD …

8 months ago

NASA Probe Discovers Wonderful Surprise With Asteroid

NASA’s asteroid probe Lucy just found something pretty interesting. The probe was completing a flyby of its target, the Asteroid …

8 months ago

dark universe

Dark Universe Revealed By Euclid Space Telescope

The European Space Agency’s (ESA) Euclid space telescope is poised to shed light on the 95 percent of the cosmos …

8 months ago

black holes

Record-Breaking Black Hole Discovered By NASA

According to a new write-up from NASA, astronomers have discovered a black hole in the deep reaches of space that …

8 months ago


Mars Rocks Crashing Into Earth And Something Is Very Strange

Chunks of Mars rocks have been making their way to Earth. The phenomenon is most perplexing as the rocks are …

8 months ago

planets planetary protection

Seven Planet System Discovered By NASA In Old Data

Scientists have discovered a seven-planet system orbiting Kepler-385, a star located approximately 4,670 light-years away. This system had some planets …

8 months ago

milky way

NASA Releases Creepy Solar System Recordings

They say that in space, no one can hear you scream. That’s good because that means that no one will …

8 months ago

The Doomed Planets That Tell Us About Earth’s Future

Will the Earth go out with a whimper or a bang? According to Science Alert, new research involving four exoplanets …

8 months ago

Tractor Beams Are Real And Could Save Space

Star Trek fans rejoice: tractor beams no longer belong exclusively in the realm of science fiction. As reported by Live Science, …

8 months ago

earth's core blobs

Alien World Detected Underneath Earth

According to a write-up in ScienceAlert, scientists have located what some believe to be traces of an ancient alien world, …

8 months ago

netflix orbiter 9

The Space Movie On Netflix Is A Different Kind Of Sci-Fi Story

Prepare to embark on a celestial voyage with Orbiter 9, streaming now on Netflix. This sci-fi gem invites you into …

9 months ago

NASA Finds Ghostly Cosmic Hand 16,000 Light-Years From Earth

In a discovery which seems to have leapt straight out of the pages of a science fiction novel, NASA X-rays …

9 months ago

Asteroid-Busting Rockets Launching From Earth

In July of this year, Earth narrowly missed an impact by an asteroid called 2023 NT1. The problem is, while …

9 months ago

pluto ocean

Hidden Ocean Discovered In Our Solar System?

According to an exciting report from Space.com, new research into a strange crater along Pluto’s surface points to a possible subterranean …

9 months ago

Scientists Believe Aliens Have Already Found Us

For decades, humanity has been scanning the universe for any signs of extraterrestrial life. Despite our best efforts, the search …

9 months ago

Milky Way’s Black Hole Now Spinning At Top Speed, Are We In Danger?

As weird as it sounds, black holes spin just like planets. Much like Earth, a black hole rotates at a …

9 months ago

Scientists Are Growing Animals In Space

Science Alert has an answer to the one question that we’ve all been asking ourselves: “can mouse embryos survive in …

9 months ago

Milky Way

Scientists Find Explosion Brighter Than The Milky Way

When neutron stars collide, they produce an intense gamma-ray burst that emits bright waves of electromagnetic radiation known as a …

9 months ago

mars life

Mars Hiding Radioactive Secret Under Planet’s Surface

The wonders of space are vast and sometimes unbelievable, with scientists constantly making discoveries about foreign planets that could never …

9 months ago

Solar Maximum Happening Sooner Than Thought, Why That’s A Serious Issue

Though it looks like a constant, our Sun, the eternal companion of our planet, is quite a violent environment, with …

9 months ago

Universe Growth Being Stopped By Mysterious Force

With every day that passes, scientists wrap up one mystery of our universe only for another to begin unfolding. According …

9 months ago

jupiter flat

NASA Captures Ghoulish Face Found On Jupiter, See The Creepy Photo

Have you ever looked up at the sky, and thought that the cloud above you looked just like a car, …

9 months ago

Moon Chunk Breaks Off And Is Orbiting Earth

With so much debris floating around the Earth, it’s hard to believe that scientists can keep up with it, let …

9 months ago

Astronauts Encounter Dangerous Blob During Space Walk

It’s always interesting to read stories of strange things told by astronauts during their spacewalks, which is a term used …

9 months ago

star wars

Alien Civilizations Spreading Throughout The Universe At Insane Rate?

In our ongoing search for advanced alien civilizations, scientists have proposed a new theory that potentially explains why we haven’t …

9 months ago


The Most Expensive Material In The Galaxy Lands On Earth

It’s no secret that the Universe is a wondrous place, and NASA has confirmed, on more than one occasion, that …

9 months ago


Microgravity Mutating Bacteria And It’s A Scary Problem

One of the primary missions of the International Space Stations was to observe the effects of microgravity, which can’t be …

9 months ago