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The 2000s Sci-Fi Space Adventure Epic That Destroyed An Entire Studio

Titan A.E. is an animated sci-fi action adventure directed by Don Bluth and Gary Goldman. Released in 2000, it was a …

2 days ago

christopher nolan

The Christopher Nolan Movie You Must See In Theaters Getting Enormous Re-Release

To celebrate the 10th anniversary, Paramount is re-releasing one of Christopher Nolan’s biggest flicks: Interstellar. The movie, which was co-produced …

2 weeks ago

Netflix Ripley Complaints Prove There Is No Hope For The Future

A new Netflix series, Ripley, based on Patricia Highsmith’s novel The Talented Mr. Ripley, has sparked outrage among viewers. This …

2 weeks ago

The Greatest Blockbuster Adventure Of The ’90s Is Returning To Theaters

In news sure to make some film fanatics feel their age, Brendan Fraser’s The Mummy is set to return to …

3 weeks ago

Award-Winning Crime Thriller Finally Getting The Upgrade It Deserves

We’re living in a high-definition digital era in which the 1080p viewing experience is no longer the norm, and nearly …

3 weeks ago

the accountant 2

The Accountant 2 Photo Confirms Long-Awaited Sequel Is Finally Happening

Audiences have been anxiously awaiting a sequel to 2016’s The Accountant. While the action-thriller got mixed reviews from critics, it …

4 weeks ago

cillian murphy

Cillian Murphy Leads Blood Runs Coal True Crime Movie Adaptation

Hot off his Oscar-winning run as the titular father of the atomic bomb in Christopher Nolan’s Oppenheimer, Cillian Murphy has …

4 weeks ago

Martin Scorsese Is Better Than The Oscars

 When you look at the total number of Oscar wins Martin Scorsese has tallied, the grand total of “one” isn’t …

1 month ago

Ocean’s Trilogy Gets Stunning 4K Collector’s Set Fans Need

If you’re a fan of the Ocean’s trilogy, because we are, you’re going to be happy about this news. Warner …

2 months ago

The ’90s Cult Classic Comedy Being Forgotten Because Of Harvey Weinstein

Fans of the 1999 cult film Dogma have long since wondered why the Kevin Smith film isn’t available to stream. …

2 months ago

The Netflix Violent Sci-Fi With A Fan-Favorite Star Wars Antihero

Elysium, the violent socio-political sci-fi action film starring Matt Damon, Jodie Foster, and Diego Luna (known for playing Cassian Andor …

2 months ago

Jennifer Garner Reuniting With Ex Ben Affleck In Netflix Thriller

Jennifer Garner may be reuniting with her ex-husband Ben Affleck in the Netflix thriller, Animals. The actress is currently in …

2 months ago

matt damon

Matt Damon Finally Back As Bourne?

Hollywood buzzes with anticipation, and fans of the high-octane Jason Bourne series prepare to celebrate, hoping the beacon of hope …

2 months ago

the departed

The Martin Scorsese Crime Masterpiece Finally Getting The Upgrade It Deserves

Martin Scorsese’s The Departed is finally getting an official 4K Blu-ray release this spring, and you’re definitely going to want …

2 months ago

Ben Affleck Matt Damon

New Netflix Thriller Reunites Ben Affleck And Matt Damon

Best bros onscreen and off, is there any Hollywood friendship purer than that of Ben Affleck and Matt Damon? The …

3 months ago

The Greatest Movie Duo Ever Reuniting

Ethan Coen says he is working on a new project with his brother Joel. The filmmaker made the revelation while …

3 months ago

Iconic Director Not Returning To Beloved Crime Franchise

While George Clooney is optimistic about doing an Ocean’s 14 movie, director Steven Soderbergh won’t be on board. “After we made the …

3 months ago

Disney+ Gets ’90s Blockbuster Masterpiece Everyone Loves

In 1999, director Stephen Sommers brought ancient curses, mummies, and high-octane adventure to the big screen with a movie that …

3 months ago

The Iconic Gangster Crime Thriller With A Guinness World Record

Leave it to Martin Scorsese to nab the title of “Highest Grossing Gangster Movie” in the Guinness Book of World …

3 months ago

The Netflix Sci-Fi Thriller Should Be Given A Second Look

Elysium is a sci-fi thriller on Netflix that should definitely be given a second look by subscribers. This 2013 dystopian …

4 months ago

The Netflix Sci-Fi Thriller Written By One Of The Greatest Authors Ever

If you’re looking for a solid sci-fi film to check out this weekend, the 2021 film The Adjustment Bureau might …

5 months ago

New Jason Bourne Movie In Development, Matt Damon Not Returning?

Jason Bourne is back, but Matt Damon may not be returning. According to Variety, Universal Pictures is in the early …

5 months ago

mark ruffalo

Mark Ruffalo And Matt Damon Are Trying To Save Historic New York City Building

New York City’s West Park Presbyterian Church is yet another historic building that faces a fate that’s all too common: …

5 months ago


The Futuristic Sci-Fi Movie On Netflix Tackles Overpopulation And Global Warming In A Crazy Way

Picture this: a world where you can literally shrink your problems away. That’s what Downsizing with Matt Damon on Netflix …

6 months ago

The Matt Damon Dystopian Sci-Fi Movie On Netflix That Needs A Prequel

Delve into a dystopian future where the chasm between the elite and the impoverished has reached its pinnacle. In Elysium, …

7 months ago

matt damon

The Forgotten Matt Damon Sci-Fi Thriller On Netflix Is His Most Underrated Movie

Ever wondered if there’s a hidden force shaping the course of your life? Step into a world where nothing is …

7 months ago

The Heath Ledger Fantasy Thriller On Streaming That’s Being Forgotten

Heath Ledger (Jake in The Brothers Grimm on Paramount+) left a lasting impression on movie-goers before his death in 2008. …

7 months ago

matt damon

The Matt Damon Political Thriller On Netflix Nobody Remembers 

Matt Damon has carved out quite an impressive Hollywood career for himself since the days of Good Will Hunting, and …

9 months ago

matt damon

The Matt Damon Sci-Fi Flop That Deserves A Second Chance

Sometimes an action movie comes along that gets moderately hyped at the time only to be dragged a bit because …

9 months ago

ben affleck matt damon

Exclusive: Matt Damon Has Secret Role In Marvel’s Thunderbolts

The actor who played a stage actor playing Loki is returning to Marvel to play… someone? Our trusted and proven …

9 months ago