The Netflix Sci-Fi Thriller Should Be Given A Second Look

By April Ryder | Published

Elysium is a sci-fi thriller on Netflix that should definitely be given a second look by subscribers. This 2013 dystopian sci-fi action movie stars Matt Damon (as Max) and Jodi Foster (as Secretary Delacourt) engaged in a true fight for survival. 

Elysium On Netflix

In a world where there are only two distinct classes of people, the rich and the poor. The poor people live on a dilapidated semblance of what you know of as Earth, and the rich people live on a luxurious space station called Elysium. 

Directed by Neill Blomkamp, Elysium is his second directorial debut after the successful production of his 2009 movie District 9. Blomkamp wrote and directed the film, and he even had the chance to work with some of the same people who were part of the crew of District 9.

Julian Clarke came back as editor, Philip Ivey as production designer, Trent Opalock as cinematographer, and actor Sharlto Copley acted in both films. 

Blomkamp’s Views On The Future

Given that Elysium was set in 2154, many people questioned Blomkamp about his views on the future.

In response, Blomkamp has been quoted saying, “This isn’t science fiction. This is today. This is now” regarding the subject matter of Elysium. The movie makes a loud statement on the social state of our world today. 

A Terrible Earth


In the film, the poor people live on an overpopulated, diseased, and extremely polluted planet Earth. All the while, the very rich get to live on Elysium, which is a super luxurious space station orbiting just outside of the Earth’s atmosphere. 

Max (Matt Damon) is a recent parolee working for a company called Armadyne Corp., which is run by a guy named John Carlyle. It’s a job where droids keep people in line with corporal punishment and there is little room for error/folly while you’re on the clock. 

Matt Damon Racing Against Time


While at work, Max is caught in a situation where he is exposed to a lethal dose of radiation.

After being rendered unconscious, he comes back to consciousness only to get the news that he has five days to live and receive a bottle of pills that are supposed to help with the side effects of his newly acquired condition.

Oh, and he is also fired from his job. 

Max’s Journey


Elysium is equipped with special Med-Bays that can completely heal a person of any disease or condition with just a quick and painless scan, and now Max has to find a way to make it there and heal himself before his time runs out. 

The journey and resistance Max encounters along the way are what really make the movie exciting and engaging. You’ll meet an array of quirky, rebellious characters throughout the film, and you’ll quickly see why Elysium is worth a second look and a little extra thought even. 

Questions About Society

matt damon elysium

Elysium raises some relative questions about how society is structured today. The gap between the rich and the poor is becoming much more pronounced and distinct as time passes, and society as we know it may soon require a massive shift in a more holistic direction to nurture healthy longevity for future generations. 

Elysium is now streaming on Netflix for those with a subscription to the channel.