Jennifer Garner Reuniting With Ex Ben Affleck In Netflix Thriller

By Sckylar Gibby-Brown | Published

Jennifer Garner may be reuniting with her ex-husband Ben Affleck in the Netflix thriller, Animals. The actress is currently in negotiations to star in the Affleck-directed flick, and if all parties agree, then the actress will be working with her ex for the first time since their divorce was finalized in 2018.

Garner In Talks For Affleck’s Netflix Movie

The project, which has already cast Ben Affleck’s best friend, Matt Damon, in a leading role, is set to be helmed by Affleck himself, with production expected to kick off in Los Angeles as early as March pending final negotiations. Like Damon, Jennifer Garner has worked with Affleck many times with the pair sharing the screen in Pearl Harbor and the superhero movies Daredevil and Elektra. However, all collaborations took place before their wedding in 2005 and Animals will be the first movie where Affleck will direct Garner on screen.

Animals Includes Matt Damon

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Written by Connor McIntyre with revisions by Billy Ray, Animals promises to be a gripping tale of political intrigue and personal sacrifice. The storyline revolves around a mayoral candidate and his wife, played by Matt Damon and potentially Jennifer Garner, whose world is shattered when their son is kidnapped. As they navigate a treacherous landscape of enemies and moral dilemmas, the couple is forced to confront their limits in a bid to rescue their child.

Jennifer Garner Has A History With Netflix

For Jennifer Garner, whose filmography spans a range of genres from comedies to thrillers, the role in Animals would mark another milestone in her ongoing collaboration with Netflix. The actress has already endeared herself to audiences with standout performances in Netflix hits such as Family Switch, The Adam Project, and Yes Day.

While details surrounding Jennifer Garner’s involvement are still being finalized, her addition to the cast alongside Affleck’s long-time collaborator Matt Damon promises a movie filled with juicy chemistry. 

The Long History Of Jennifer Garner And Ben Affleck

Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck have known each other since 2001 when they met on the set of Pearl Harbor, and out of their 23-year-long friendship, they were married for 13 years. According to the actors, their relationship has been a journey marked by love, separation, and mutual respect. 

An Amicable Divorce

In 2015, the couple announced their separation, citing personal growth and the need for a new family model as reasons for their split. Ben Affleck shared insights into their breakup, highlighting Jennifer Garner’s role as a supportive co-parent and his struggles with alcoholism.

Throughout the separation, Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner maintained a foundation of respect, though they faced challenges and endured rumors, including allegations of infidelity. Garner dismissed such claims, emphasizing the complexity of their relationship and Affleck’s importance in her life.

The Other Jennifer

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Following their divorce, both Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner embarked on new paths. Affleck reunited with his ex, Jennifer Lopez in 2021, and the pair got married the following year. Despite the changes, Garner praised Affleck as an excellent co-parent, showcasing a commitment to familial harmony amid life’s transitions.

A Model Of Professionalism In Hollywood

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While Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck have kept their private life as private as celebrities can, it’s clear that the pair share mutual respect, which can only help in the creative process as the pair work with Matt Damon in their upcoming thriller.