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T. Rex Brain Discovery Changes Iconic Dinosaur Into Total Idiot

In a somewhat comedic development—and indeed, one unkind to the iconic dinosaur, T Rex, and its prehistoric brain—new research theorizes …

1 week ago

Orangutan Stuns Scientists With First-Ever Wild Animal Behavior

What’s something great apes and holistic healers have in common? They’re both big fans of plant medicine. In what’s documented …

2 weeks ago

Dogs Swarm Man In Wild Animal Attack Video

A disturbing video shared via social media shows a 53-year-old man being attacked and mauled by four dogs at Fairmont …

2 weeks ago

Extinct Tiger Rediscovered After Incredible Clue Found By Scientists?

A single hair found by scientists suggests that an extinct tiger, thought to have gone extinct in the early 1980s …

1 month ago

Clean Energy Efforts Threatening The Lives Of Animals

As the world rushes to usher in clean energy to offset the disastrous effects of carbon on global temperatures, recent …

1 month ago


Sawfish Are Suddenly Dropping Dead, Extinction Imminent

The sawfish, a critically endangered species found in the Lower Keys of Florida, is facing a mysterious and alarming die-off. …

2 months ago

Teenage Eels Are Ending Their Lives Under Stress

According to the NZ Herald, the Ministry for Primary Industries (MPI) is investigating the death of over 3500 juvenile eels, …

2 months ago

Prehistoric Giant Dolphin Found In The Amazon

Scientists have recently discovered a giant river dolphin in Peru’s Amazonian rivers; the uncovered skull belongs to a member of …

2 months ago

deadly snake

YouTuber Arrested For Snake Venom Party Drug Supply

YouTube star Elvish Yadav, an Indian influencer who has amassed more than 15 million followers on the platform, has been …

2 months ago

Leonardo DiCaprio snake

Eating Snakes Can Help Save The World

In recent years, nutrition scientists have made it a point to highlight the fact that eating copious amounts of meat …

2 months ago

stephen king the dark tower

Stephen King Gets Ancient Turtle Species Named After His Iconic Character

A giant freshwater turtle fossil was recently discovered in Brazil, and the researchers have dubbed it Peltocephalus maturin after the …

2 months ago

Dog-Killing Worms Found In The United States

Dog owners should be aware that an invasive dog-killing worm has recently been identified in the waters of the Colorado …

2 months ago

Large Dragon Lizard Discovered Is A New Species

It’s always exciting when a new creature is discovered, especially if that creature is a green dragon lizard. Recently, in …

2 months ago

Chernobyl Worms Display Remarkable Natural Ability No One Expected

Amidst the abandoned brutalist architecture found in the Chernobyl Exclusion Zone (CEZ) is a fascinating wildlife sanctuary where nematodes appear …

3 months ago


Universal Antivenom For Snakebites Actually Possible

A groundbreaking discovery in the realm of snakebite treatment may soon revolutionize the way venomous snake bites are managed globally. …

3 months ago

Giant Crab Discovered With Massive Claws

Those who are afraid of the ocean and whatever may be lurking in the fathoms below should be glad they …

3 months ago

will smith

Will Smith Helps Discover New Anaconda Species

Will Smith has accomplished many coveted feats on camera during his decades-long tenure as an A-list celebrity. He fended off …

3 months ago

Jennifer Garner Reuniting With Ex Ben Affleck In Netflix Thriller

Jennifer Garner may be reuniting with her ex-husband Ben Affleck in the Netflix thriller, Animals. The actress is currently in …

3 months ago

ant-man 4

James Cameron Teams With Paul Rudd To Explore Mysterious Creatures

Auteur filmmaker James Cameron is well known to have a deep affinity for the vast expanse of the ocean. From …

3 months ago

Mutant Wolves Develop Resistance To Cancer

During a late-night safety test at the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant in the Ukrainian Soviet Socialist Republic (in the then …

3 months ago

Mysterious Black Eggs Found Hidden In Ocean Depths

Researchers in Japan recently revealed an unusual haul from one of the darkest depths of the sea. Black eggs, reported …

3 months ago

Hell Chickens Are Now A Real Dinosaur

Paleontologists recently uncovered a new bird-like species of dinosaur in the Hell Creek formation (a well-known dig site for capturing …

3 months ago

jurassic world

New Dinosaur Species Discovered In Argentina

Next time somebody asks you which dinosaur is your favorite, you might have to consider the Inawentu oslatus, a rebbachisaurid-mimicking …

3 months ago

Dolphins Attempting Murder On Baby Manatees And Scientists Are Stumped

Scientists have recently documented several instances of bottlenose dolphins attacking the calves of their cousin species, the manatees. The aggressive …

4 months ago

New Snake Species Leaves Scientists Scratching Their Heads

New snake, who dis? Scientists recently discovered a previously unknown species of snake in Asia. This new serpent was initially …

4 months ago

Ben Affleck Matt Damon

New Netflix Thriller Reunites Ben Affleck And Matt Damon

Best bros onscreen and off, is there any Hollywood friendship purer than that of Ben Affleck and Matt Damon? The …

4 months ago

Four Brand New Octopus Species Discovered

Scientists have discovered four new breeds of octopus off the coast of Costa Rica. This discovery was made at the …

4 months ago

alligator frozen

Alligator Frozen Under Ice In Unbelievable Video

TikTok may finally have a video justifying its whole existence. Indeed, in a stunning demonstration of natural adaptability, a clip …

4 months ago

World’s Oldest Dog Record Under Investigation

We all followed Bobi’s historic achievement, breaking the record for the world’s oldest dog; we loved Bobi, and we trusted …

4 months ago