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The New Dog Phone Will Let Your Pet Call You

Do you wish your dog had its down iphone? Never fear! DogPhone is here!

3 years ago

channing tatum dog

Channing Tatum Is One-Upped By An Ex-Military Dog In Buddy Comedy Trailer

Channing Tatum finds the challenge of his life in the trailer for his newest buddy comedy!

3 years ago

snake python

See The Gigantic Snake Discovered In A Sailboat Shower

No one knows how this massive snake found its way into a sailboat shower!

3 years ago

snake python

Highly Venomous Snake Caught In A Fishing Net, See The Daring Rescue Attempt

How do you catch a snake that’s already been caught? That’s a problem that residents in Mangalpur, in the Puri …

3 years ago

Leonardo DiCaprio snake

See Two Venomous Snakes Battle To A Shocking End

When people refer to another human being as a “snake,” they’re usually saying the other person is dishonest, a cheater, …

3 years ago

sea lion orca video

See Video Of A Woman Kicking A Sea Lion Into A Pod Of Hungry Orcas

A woman threw a sea lion to a pod of ravenous orcas and the Internet is on fire over the video!

3 years ago

dave bautista

Dave Bautista Is Offering $5K For Info About An Abused Dog

Dave Bautista is mad as hell about a horribly abused puppy, he wants her abuser found, and he’s putting his money where his mouth is.

3 years ago

tiger king season 2

Tiger King Season 2 Coming To Netflix This Year

Joe Exotic couldn’t stay away forever! Tiger King Season 2 is coming out this year!

3 years ago

snakes water moccasin cottonmouth

See Huge Cottonmouth Snakes Fight Each Other In Creepy Video

Check out this amazing video of two cottonmouths battling for dominance!

3 years ago


Human Speech Integrates Animal Sounds

I talk to my cat all the time, and much of the time she “talks” back. I’ve learned to identify …

10 years ago


Animals Are Just Like Us — They Enjoy Tripping Out

I’m a little behind the curve. I just recently heard about the vicious behavior of one of my favorite animals …

10 years ago

Male Scent: A New Painkiller?

If you’re a male researcher or lab assistant, you may have unwittingly compromised the results of studies you’ve done with …

10 years ago

Are You Ready To Hear What Your Dog Is Thinking?

I meet plenty of people who talk to their pets. “Do you need to go out?” “Are you hungry?” I …

11 years ago