Channing Tatum Is One-Upped By An Ex-Military Dog In Buddy Comedy Trailer

Channing Tatum finds the challenge of his life in the trailer for his newest buddy comedy!

By Cristina Alexander | Published

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Since the dawn of time, dogs have shown their loyalty to humans in every way possible, earning them the nickname “man’s best friend.” But sometimes, there are dogs who are best friends with everyone they meet except for one person. Magic Mike actor Channing Tatum is about to learn this the hard way while accompanying an ex-military dog on a road trip down the West Coast.

MGM Studios released a trailer for the buddy comedy film Dog, and it shows Channing Tatum, who plays Army Ranger Briggs, getting one-upped by a Belgian Malinois named Lulu at every turn as he drives her in a 1984 Ford Bronco down the Pacific Coast to get to the funeral of a sergeant, whose family requested her attendance. Briggs agrees to do this to prove that he is in a better position to get back into the military. The problem is, Lulu doesn’t get along with any of the soldiers who come into contact with her, so when she gets paired with Briggs, she gets aggressive with him, going so far as to break out of her cage and tear up his car seat. You can watch the mayhem ensue in the trailer below.

Throughout the course of the trip, Lulu runs away from Channing Tatum’s character and comes across people who give her the calming energy that makes her more well-behaved, much to his surprise. He comes to discover that she only acts like this around them because they knew her fallen friend. It’s a Jekyll and Hyde situation where one minute Lulu is friendly with other people and the next she acts chaotically while with Briggs.

According to People, Channing Tatum, 41, co-directed Dog with his longtime partner Reid Carolin, who wrote the script from a story he created with Brett Rodriguez. They previously collaborated to produce Magic Mike, 22 Jump Street, Ten Years, Logan Lucky, and White House Down. During the mid-2010s, Carolin was scheduled to produce a Gambit film starring Tatum, but the project never made it past the development stages.

Last year, Channing Tatum, who’s set to co-star with Tom Hardy in a new war movie, wrote an Instagram post about the making of Dog, which was being filmed in Los Angeles during the COVID-19 pandemic. He shared a photo from his first day of production, sitting on the hood of the truck with the pup in tow. “It’s already been a crazy ride. And we’ve only just begun. And if we survive the rest, it will be one of the most insane stories that I’ve ever been a part of. And I’ve been a part of some pretty crazy ones in this life of mine,” he said. “This is our story. It’s taken us two years to get it to the starting line. The next eight weeks will be like riding a bull on sickmode in ludicrous speed. God be with us. In Dog we trust.”

Fourteen months later, Channing Tatum proved that filming Dog was a crazy ride indeed. When he shared the trailer on Instagram, he wrote, “This process of making @dogthefilm has been one of the craziest journeys of my life! Also, if you would enjoy watching me get bit by a dog, this will be a very fulfilling and funny movie for you.”

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The theatrical release of Dog has been delayed three times. The movie was originally scheduled to be released on February 12, but MGM delayed its release to July 16, but that didn’t pan out either. Now it will be released on February 18, 2022.