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Scientists Are Worried One Specific Animal Going Extinct Due To Climate Change

According to new research recently published in the scientific journal Nature, one of the many damaging effects of climate change …

8 months ago

Scientists Say Amphibian Species Are Now Disappearing At An Alarming Rate

Science Alert reports that an alarming amount of amphibians are becoming extinct based on the most recent global assessment. Since …

8 months ago

The Ocean Is Boiling Animals Alive

For the past ten days, the lifeless bodies of pink river dolphins have been found floating in Brazil’s Lake Tefe. …

8 months ago

glowing wombats

Scientists Discover Terrifying Glowing Wombats

Nature is filled with bizarre creatures from those that live in the rainforest to those lurking deep beneath the sea. …

9 months ago

Scientists Confused Over Animal Without A Brain Capable Of Learning

Jellyfish have no brains, but learn instead through their eyes and nerves, though researchers are only now able to show …

9 months ago

Scientists Can Now Speak Chicken Thanks To Latest Technology?

AI is getting into some pretty exciting territory that doesn’t involve undermining the work of Hollywood writers, according to The …

9 months ago

snake python

See Gigantic Python Slither Across Home’s Rooftop

Australia is known for having some creepy crawlies, but nothing compares to the enormous python that was recently filmed crawling …

10 months ago

radioactive pigs

Radioactive Pigs On The Loose And Scientists Know Why

Science Alert reports that there is a prevalence of radioactive pigs in southeastern Germany, and new research has found the …

10 months ago


Scientists Turning Plastic-Eating Bugs Into Plastic Containers?

What if you could really put the “bio” back in “biodegradable?” Scientists have spent years trying to find effective replacements …

10 months ago

Yellowstone 1923

Harrison Ford Gets Terrifying New Species Named After Him

Harrison Ford has had his name immortalized (again) after researchers named a newly discovered species of snake found in Peru’s …

10 months ago

Bizarre Video Shows Whale Frozen In The Middle Of The Ocean

The ocean, with its vast expanse and captivating beauty, never ceases to amaze and puzzle us. Every so often, its …

10 months ago

sand shortage desert

Scientists Find Ancient Massive Creature In The Middle Of The Desert

Science Alert reports that paleontologists have discovered massive whale fossils in Egypt that date back to 41 million years ago. …

10 months ago

timothee chalamet dune 2

Scientists Name Discovery After Dune’s Most Terrifying Creatures

In Dune, one of the most epic sci-fi sagas ever written, the term “Shai-Hulud” is uttered with a tone of …

10 months ago

stray cat

Stray Cat Bites Spreading Unknown Bacteria To Humans

Our domesticated feline friends are great company if you’re willing to forgive how many times they wreck your horizontal blinds. …

10 months ago

Extinct Animal Brain Scan Reviving Fearsome Predator?

Science has changed in big ways over the last 140 years and finally, over a century of research is paying …

10 months ago

biggest animal

The Biggest Animal In History Discovered?

Science Alert reports that researchers in the Peruvian desert have discovered the remains of what may very well be the …

11 months ago

Rat Tickling Is Something That’s Actually Happening In Science

Scientists have all the fun. As reported by ScienceAlert, a team of researchers has published its findings after measuring the …

11 months ago


Scientists Find Ancient Sea Creature From 500 Million Years Ago

Fossil fans – this one’s for you. According to ScienceAlert, Canadian scientists have made an incredible discovery stumbling upon a …

11 months ago

octopus farm

Rare Octopus Nursery Discovered In The Deep Sea

A rare octopus nursery has been discovered deep within the reaches of the sea off the coast of Costa Rica. …

12 months ago

Bloodsucking Sea Lampreys Are Attacking People

Sea lampreys, taking on a role akin to menacing characters from a horror tale, are unleashing destruction within the Great …

12 months ago

Giant African Snails Shut Down Florida

Giant African land snails are wrecking Florida’s ecosystem forcing the state of extreme measures.

12 months ago


Russia Is Using Dolphins To Wage War

The Russian military is using dolphins to defend the Crimean port of Sevastopol.

12 months ago

dog bite

Scientists Now Know When You Are More Likely To Get Bit By A Dog

Researchers say that the hotter it is outside, the more likely a dog is to bite.

12 months ago

Elizabeth Banks Cocaine Bear

New Research Identifies The Deadliest Animal In The United States

The deadliest animal attacks in the United States are most likely to come from brown bears, sharks, and snakes.

1 year ago

Scientists Alarmed Over How Close Great White Sharks Are Swimming To Humans

Juvenile great white sharks like to explore beaches filled with swimmers.

1 year ago

animal attacks

Killer Whales Are Attacking Boats Every Single Day

Killer whales near Europe continue to attack boats.

1 year ago

Whales Continue To Attack Boats, Is This Behavior Permanent

Orcas, or killer whales, near Europe are stil attacking boats and it’s getting worse.

1 year ago

Chickens Are Battling Hawaiians And The Humans Are Losing

Hawaii is being overrun by feral chickens, the result of centuries of cross-breeding gone wrong.

1 year ago

star trek spot

Science Confirms The Perfect Way To Communicate With Your Cat

Research proves slow blinking at your cat is the equivalent of smiling.

1 year ago