The Demon Cat Of The White House: How Has No One Made This True Story Into A Bonkers Horror Comedy?

By TeeJay Small | Published

Folk tales, urban myths, and local apparitions are commonly used as the basis for horror films in Hollywood, with nuggets of truth lying at the center of most major horror franchises. One concept, which is prominently known throughout Washington D.C., would make a perfect horror comedy film, though seemingly nobody has explored a film adaptation. The tale of the Demon Cat apparition in the White House refers to an enormous monster feline who terrorizes unsuspecting lawmakers, and brings impending doom with its presence.

The White House Demon Cat Dates Back To 1862

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Though it sounds like a plot to an episode of Futurama, the Demon Cat story has plagued the White House and its surroundings for hundreds of years, dating back to a Washington Post write-up from the late 19th century. According to historians, the apparition first appears as a normal house cat, before ballooning in size, sometimes becoming larger than an elephant, and bringing tidings of great woe.

The first known instance of the ferocious feline appearing in front of people was in 1862, when the country was in the midst of a gruesome Civil War. The Demon Cat took up residence in the basement of the White House, which was being utilized as a bakery at the time. The supernatural creature even has its own villain origin story, as a White House guard allegedly fired his weapon at the cat, causing it to disappear.

How Has This Not Been Adapted For The Screen?

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In a potential Demon Cat film adaptation, this White House guard and his drunken disdain for the company of furry companions would serve as the catalyst to the cat’s supernatural aura, creating a ripple effect responsible for harming hundreds over the next two centuries. Those who claim to have crossed paths with the obsidian kitten say that its eyes glow like the headlights of an oncoming vehicle, striking horror in the hearts of men, and hypnotizing congresspeople with its alluring meow.

Demon Cat To Blame For Historic Tragedies?

If you encounter the Demon Cat on your next trip to the White House, be sure not to test your luck, as the creature apparently functions as some kind of bad luck omen. One secret service agent claims to have witnessed the cat right before the stock market plummeted in 1929, leading the country head-first into the Great Depression, while another White House staffer claims to have crossed paths with the fuzzy force of evil just before the 1963 assassination of John F. Kennedy.

The Perfect Story For Rob Zombie To Adapt

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A Demon Cat film could serve as the perfect backdrop for a number of unexplainable conspiracy theories in White House history, and cover a number of real-life catastrophes that have befallen the United States in the last 100+ years. The film sounds like the perfect challenge for camp-friendly filmmakers such as Rob Zombie, as the cat terrorizes its way across Washington DC with the intent to destroy the world as we know it.

The Most Feared Thing In The White House?

The Demon Cat tale is so ubiquitous across Washington D.C., that White House staffers claim they can get a day off work after having seen it. While the killer kitty strikes fear into the hearts of America’s boldest and brightest lawmakers, the story is undeniably silly, leaving many opportunities to adapt the tale into a horror comedy that audiences will love.

Source: The White House Historical Association