Orca Attacks Finally Have an Answer, We Like Them Even More Now

By Jason Collins | Published

Jason Statham 2018’s The Meg revived the shark movie genre and introduced wider audiences to the ancient terror of the depths that, had it survived some additional 3.5 million years into the future, wouldn’t have any issues with ramming human boats and ships and feasting on seafaring humans. Well, fast-forward some 3.6 million years, and we now have killer whales ramming ships. What the scientists have recently revealed is shocking—the apparent orca attacks appear to be caused by a bunch of bored teenage orcas looking for something to do.

Just last year, five ships were rammed, and some of them were sunk in an orca attack.

A Real Whale Of A Problem

animal attacks

For those who aren’t familiar with the latest news from the shores, several hundred boats have experienced orca attacks in the last five years, including expensive yachts, fishing boats, and motorboats off the coast of Spain, Portugal, France, and Morocco. Upon careful observation, scientists have come to the conclusion that orcas have started their own fad amongst themselves, which is to play with boat rudders. It would seem that the marine world has its own version of TikTok shenanigans.

Never Trust Teenagers

This was first noticed following a series of orca attacks in which killer whales rammed all sorts of boats, and in 2020, more than 673 boats had a run-in with the orcas. This prompted the governments of Spain and Portugal to sponsor the gathering of a multinational group of orca experts to deduce what the issue with the killer whales might be. Apparently, humans aren’t the only ones with insufferable teens.

Orcas Have Boring Spring Breaks

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According to Renaud de Stephanis, the ocean isn’t as fun as we think if you’re actually born and spend all your life in it, which explains why the group of teenage orcas are playing with these vessels—they’re being enriched by the experience. The ramming intensifies in the spring, goes off the charts during the summer, and goes away in fall—which might also have something to do with humans, who aren’t on the seaside during winter, at least not for longer than they absolutely have to be.

Rambunctious Rudder Ramming

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As stated above, the orca attacks mostly involve juvenile orcas, who appear to be more playful and courageous in approaching boats. The scientists know the orcas are playing because it has been documented that they have played with the rudder once it broke off from constant ramming. This type of behavior isn’t atypical for orcas either, as they’re known to have culture and their own alphabet, exhibit coordinated behavior, share knowledge, and often have good, long memories.

Wanton Destruction In The Name Of Fun

The scientists commented on what appeared to be orca attacks, calling such behavior sophisticated because orcas engage in it for their sheer amusement and nothing else. However, it’s also worth noting that some have claimed that orca attacks were orchestrated by older female orcas in their quest for revenge after a boat had hurt their babies. This theory was quickly disproved, and according to cetacean expert Alexandre Zerbini, such assumptions are based on poor Hollywood movies.

Source: USA Today

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