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Val Kilmer Batman

Val Kilmer Reveals How He Was Crushed By Playing Batman

Val Kilmer reveals his feeling behind playing the role of Batman.

3 years ago

Taika Waititi

Exclusive: Taika Waititi In Talks To Direct A DC Universe Movie

Is Taika Waititi moving over to DC Films? Here’s what we’ve exclusively learned.

3 years ago

margot robbie harley quinn

Margot Robbie Out, Harley Quinn Being Recast?

Is Margot Robbie done as Harley Quinn?

3 years ago

jason momoa

Jason Momoa Reveals What DC Needs For Justice League 2

Here’s what Jason Momoa thinks will make a Justice League sequel happen.

3 years ago

john cena peacemaker

How John Cena’s Peacemaker Series Was Set Up In The Suicide Squad

Here’s what The Suicide Squad teaches us about John Cena’s upcoming Peacemaker series, according to James Gunn.

3 years ago

Melissa Benoist Supergirl

See Melissa Benoist Say Goodbye To Supergirl

After six seasons, Supergirl is over. Here’s what Melissa Benoist had to say as filming wrapped.

3 years ago

the suicide squad

The Suicide Squad Review: The Best DC Movie In Decades

The Suicide Squad has blown all expectations out of the water.

3 years ago

robert pattinson the batman

Exclusive: Robert Pattinson’s The Batman Getting More Reshoots

We’ve exclusively learned that Robert Pattinson’s movie now needs another round of reshoots. What is happening to The Batman movie?

3 years ago


Superman Will No Longer Fight For The American Way

Superman has had a change in perspective. Here’s what’s happening to the hero’s catchphrase.

3 years ago

rosario dawson

Rosario Dawson Is The New Catwoman

Rosario Dawson is about to become Catwoman.

3 years ago

james gunn superman

James Gunn Is Making More DC Superhero Movies, Our Scoop Confirmed

Here’s what’s being publicly said now about James Gunn’s future plans at DC.

3 years ago

the flash villain

The Flash Main Villain Revealed And It’s A Big Surprise

The Flash villain has been revealed. No one saw that coming.

3 years ago


Cobra Kai Star Cast As Major DC Superhero

This Cobra Kai actor is about to our next DC superhero.

3 years ago

margot robbie

Margot Robbie Has Made A Decision About Playing Harley Quinn Again

Margot Robbie had spoken up about her future as Harley Quinn.

3 years ago

margot robbie james gunn

Margot Robbie Swears To Talk To DC About Batgirl

Will a Batgirl appearance from Margot Robbie be in order?

3 years ago

man of steel 2 brainiac

Henry Cavill Is Totally Done With Warner Bros.?

Henry Cavill may be done with Warner Bros for good.

3 years ago

dwayne johnson

Dwayne Johnson Will Fight Henry Cavill In Black Adam?

Dwayne Johnson vs. Henry Cavill is looking like a possibility in Black Adam.

3 years ago

matt damon

​​Matt Damon Auditioned Twice To Play A DC Superhero

Matt Damon has tried to enter the DC universe.

3 years ago

DC Warner Bros

James Gunn Returning For More DC Movies?

James Gunn has responded about his future involvement with DC.

3 years ago

suicide squad harley quinn feature

Suicide Squad Director Says Studio Ruined The Movie

Suicide Squad is being disowned by its director.

3 years ago

batman robert pattinson

Exclusive: Robert Pattinson Wants A Long Halloween Adaptation For Batman 2

We’ve exclusively learned that Robert Pattinson has his own ideas for The Batman 2.

3 years ago


See Stargirl Face A New Green Lantern In Season 2 Trailer

Check out the trailer for DC’s Stargirl, complete with a new Green Lantern.

3 years ago

ruby rose

Batwoman Star Ruby Rose Hospitalized

The former Batwoman star, Ruby Rose, had trouble finding a hospital that would admit her during a recent emergency.

3 years ago

batgirl movie

Batgirl Being Made By Blacklisted Director Joss Whedon?

Joss Whedon might have his name attached to the new Batgirl movie.

3 years ago

winston duke

Winston Duke Is The New Batman

The new Batman story is a psychological thriller starring Marvel star Winston Duke.

3 years ago

margot robbie

Margot Robbie Says The Suicide Squad Might Be The Greatest Comic Book Film Ever Made

Margot Robbie has strong feelings about her newest film to come to theaters for DC.

3 years ago

james gunn superman

James Gunn Making A Marvel/DC Crossover Movie With Two Specific Characters?

James Gunn has spoken about a Marvel/DC crossover movie with two characters in mind.

3 years ago

superman lex luthor

R-Rated Superman Project In The Works?

Here’s what we’ve heard about the possibility of an R-rated Superman project.

3 years ago

john cena peacemaker

John Cena’s Peacemaker Series Has A Premiere Date

Get ready for John Cena to go nuts as Peacemaker on HBO Max.

3 years ago

dc legends of tomorrow

Matt Ryan Is No Longer Constantine On DC’s Legends Of Tomorrow

This is the last season for Constantine on Legends of Tomorrow, but actor Matt Ryan has plans for the future.

3 years ago