The Flash Main Villain Revealed And It’s A Big Surprise

By Faith McKay | 1 month ago

the flash villain

What’s going to happen in Ezra Miller’s The Flash? Fans who love to speculate about this are not in any way alone. Fortunately, when it comes to this particular movie, the conversation is ripe. There is just enough known to have a lot of conversation, but not enough to give satisfying answers. We know that Michael Keaton will appear as Batman, as will Ben Affleck. There are rumors that Ben Affleck’s Batman may die. We know that the story for the movie will mostly follow the Flashpoint arc from the comics, though it’s been promised that there are enough changes fans won’t be able to guess the whole story. Now, according to sources for The Direct, we know The Flash villain. And yes, it is certainly surprising, but there is some evidence to back this up.

The Direct has heard that The Flash villain will actually be Barry Allen. Yes, The Flash, as played by Ezra Miller, will meet a villainous version of himself. There have actually been similar events for the character in the television series on The CW and in the comics, so there is source material for the writers to pull from for this idea. Also, two weeks ago, we reported that photos from behind the scenes have shown Ezra Miller on set filming scenes where he’s talking to his double. That double is dressed like an alternate version of Barry Allen, complete with The Flash’s ring. In the photo below, the two are walking down a sidewalk, but in other videos, they are clearly filming scenes.

Does this update mean that The Flash villain will necessarily be Barry Allen himself? No, we are unable to confirm that this scoop from The Direct will be a hundred percent accurate. And while they hear that Ezra Miller will have an alternate who will be villainous, they don’t seem certain that he’s entirely the main villain for the whole movie. Still, there is enough reason to believe that this news from The Direct may pan out. One of those reasons is that Reverse Flash is one of the character’s best rated villains of all time. Also, at this point, we don’t have a lot of other actors we’ve heard cast in the film who could be playing the antagonist for the film. For Flashpoint, it makes sense to have Barry Allen fighting a version of himself.

In Flashpoint, all Barry Allen wanted to do was stop his mother’s murder. It was an understandable enough motivation. Of course, in any time travel story, there are consequences for making selfish changes to the timeline. Flashpoint is no exception to this rule, and things unravel and go poorly for Barry Allen and the world fairly quickly. In the comics story, he saves his mother, but Superman doesn’t exist. There is no Justice League. And about a dozen other things have changed, creating a whole new world. Barry Allen isn’t The Flash anymore in this alternate timeline that the character finds himself in.

We know that things will be different in the film, but based on that core story from the comics, turning Barry Allen himself into The Flash villain makes sense. He’s facing himself and his own choices to change things, after all. We’ll be watching to see if more villain news comes for the upcoming DC project.