See Ezra Miller’s The Flash Meet an Alternate Version of Himself

New set photos and videos of Ezra Miller in The Flash tell us a lot about the upcoming DC movie.

By Kristi Eckert | Published

This article is more than 2 years old

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Twitter has been all a-buzz recently after Elyda Quinn tweeted a video of Ezra Miller, the actor set to resume his role as Barry Allen in the new Flash movie, filming on set working face-to-face with his stunt double. Soon after,  The Flash Film News tweeted a picture of Miller walking down the street sporting the Flash’s ring. 

You can see the video of Ezra Miller filming alongside his set twin below.

The two versions of Barry Allen are surrounded by a sizable film crew and are in front of what appears to be a café. Ezra Miller has a pole attached to his back with a camera located at the top of it and positioned above his head. His co-star can be heard yelling something but is unclear as to what. The original tweeter, Elyda Quinn also remarked that the stunt double has a visibly different hairstyle. One person who commented alluded to the fact that the stunt double is most likely Barry Allen’s double from another timeline because the plot of the new movie, as reported by CBR, is based on the Flashpoint story from the DC comics.

Below, you can see another photo from the set of Ezra Miller’s The Flash, where further proof that the other actor may be playing Barry Allen.

In The Flash Film News’ tweet, we can definitively see Ezra Miller wearing The Flash’s ring while walking alongside the same co-star that he was spotted filming with in Elyda Quinn’s tweet. This again sparked conversation from fans wondering which Flash is which and as to the significance of the different hairstyles. Ebrahim Munsif seemed very confused when they realized that Ezra Miller’s hairstyle didn’t line up with previously leaked footage that he had been able to view prior. 

While it is not certain of the exact details of the script or just how Flashpoint will be adapted for the screen or to fit the vision of director Andy Muschietti and script writer Christina Hodson, it is clear that we will see at least two different versions of Barry Allen, at least one of which will certainly be portrayed by Ezra Miller.  

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Other actors slated to join Ezra Miller in the new movie include both Michael Keaton and Ben Affleck, who are confirmed to resume their roles as Batman. This only serves to further solidify that we will see heroes from at least two different universes. Interestingly enough, It also remains to be seen what Batman, if any, will survive. 

Amongst all the uncertainty, however, what fans were able to get a glimpse of, apart from what we saw of Ezra Miller on set, was Micheal Keaton’s iconic Batmobile from 1989’s Batman. It is sure to be a nice blast from the past, accompanied by a heavy dose of nostalgia when we all get to see Micheal Keaton take his place in the driver’s seat once more. 

The anticipation, hope for rare set glimpses of Ezra Miller alongside his co-stars, and all of the fan speculations will have to continue until The Flash is released on November 4, 2022, which will make it the long-awaited 12th addition to the DC Extended Universe.