Margot Robbie Swears To Talk To DC About Batgirl

By Faith McKay | 16 seconds ago

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Margot Robbie has won DC fans over with her portrayal of Harley Quinn. Whether fans like a movie she’s in or not, they still love her character. Naturally, this means that fans want to know what we can expect from possible stories featuring Robbie in the future. In the comics and animated series, we see Harley Quinn interact with a lot of different characters. The actress has often brought up Harley Quinn’s tight relationship with Poison Ivy. She’s said on numerous occasions that she’s talked to the studio about casting someone for the role and putting the two characters together in a project. While this would be fantastic, Harley Quinn also has a history with Batgirl, a character with an upcoming movie for HBO Max.

Did Margot Robbie know that Leslie Grace was cast as Batgirl before doing a recent interview with ET? Who knows, but the DC star definitely acted like she was surprised to hear the news. Leslie Grace, recently seen in the musical In The Heights, was cast for the DC superhero role two weeks ago. When ET brought it up during a recent interview, she claimed she wasn’t yet aware of the news, complimented the actress, and then while talking about Harley Quinn and Batgirl appearing on screen together, said, “Yeah, I’m calling– Warner Bros. Can you put me through to DC? Yeah, thank you. I’m on it. Don’t worry.”

While her comments were somewhat teasing, there’s plenty of reason to believe that the actress will be talking to the studio about this. With Margot Robbie reportedly talking to DC regularly about how much she wants to see Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy in a project together, this may be something she’ll actually talk to DC about. It should be something on the studio’s mind. With Harley Quinn as a fan favorite, what better way to bring audiences in to appreciate Batgirl? Still, if Robbie is talking to them, the possibility is likely a ways off.

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Leslie Grace from In The Heights cast as Batgirl

The Suicide Squad is releasing on August 6, 2021. As Margot Robbie is doing rounds of interviews and being asked about things like Batgirl projects, she’s also letting audiences know that she may not be returning to the role for a while. She’s said that she needs a break from the character. Though she loves playing Harley Quinn, the character is exhausting and she needs a break before she can play the role again. While this may be disappointing news, especially since there is no telling when we’ll see Harley Quinn on screen again, it’s likely a good thing that the actress takes her role in the movies seriously enough to protect her work on them.

We don’t yet know when Leslie Grace’s Batgirl film will come out. Is there any hope of seeing a Margot Robbie appearance in the project? That film will likely happen soon. The actress didn’t say how long of a break she needs, but it’s likely longer than the production for Batgirl will provide. That doesn’t rule the possibility of a brief appearance out entirely though, especially if Robbie gets excited.