Dwayne Johnson Will Fight Henry Cavill In Black Adam?

Dwayne Johnson vs. Henry Cavill is looking like a possibility in Black Adam.

By Jason Collins | Published

This article is more than 2 years old

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Fans have been waiting for a long time to see Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson play a superhero. In the end, his athletic appearance and affinity for the action and adventure genre would make him a perfect superhero. Well, the actor is finally making his debut in the DC Extended Universe as the some say villain and some say anti-hero, Black Adam, appearing in the self-named movie set to release in 2022.

During an interview with Collider, the Seven Bucks Productions president of production Hiram Garcia stressed out just how seriously the production team took the severity with which Black Adam deals justice. According to him, despite the film’s PG-13 rating, Black Adam will depict real-life-or-death stakes, intensity equal to the Dark Knight Nolan trilogy, a pretty high kill count, and plenty of people that may start out alive in Black Adam but may not be there at the end of the film. However, when asked about the film’s setting and possible connections to other DCEU movies and characters, Garcia chose to withhold some information.

He confirmed that Black Adam takes place in the same world as Shazam!, which is bringing back a major character, but declined to discuss the film’s potential connections to The Flash and The Batman. However, he did say that when Black Adam appears, no matter what setting within the DC Extended Universe, the fandom will feel it. So, it’s safe to assume that Black Adam’s powers could match that of Superman, at least in the cinematic universe. This was teased some time ago by The Rock himself, stating that Black Adam would eventually fight Superman.

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And truthfully, fans of both characters are eager to see Dwayne Johnson’s Black Adam and Henry Cavill’s Superman exchange blows on screen. Henry Cavill addressed Johnson’s tease by stating that there’s definitely some work towards bringing the two characters together for a brawl. However, there are currently no plans for Cavill to reprise his most iconic role in the near future, so the fans shouldn’t get their hopes up about him crossing paths with Black Adam in live-action cinema. However, thanks to fan artists and illustrators, fans can witness Henry Cavill’s Superman hovering above Dwayne Johnson’s Black Adam, clearly spoiling for a fight.

Garcia commented that the proposed fight between the red-blue boy scout and the Kahndaqian near deity would be incredible – if it ever happened. He acknowledged the fandom’s desire to see it play out, stating that Seven Bucks Productions, founded by Garcia and Dwayne Johnson, are listening to the fans and doing everything in their power to make things happen.

Unlike most antagonists, Dwayne Johnson’s Black Adam won’t be a clear-cut bad guy. The more recent depiction of the character describes him as an anti-hero, which is how Johnson’s iteration, expected to release in July 2022, is being billed. If Black Adam ends up in any way similar to Marvel’s Loki, it could be quite possible that we will see a fully-realized Dwayne “The Rock/Black Adam” Johnson coming to odds with the steely jaw of Henry Cavill’s Superman to a theatre near you. .