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The Office Stars Then and Now: From Dunder Mifflin to Today

The Office is one of the greatest comedies we’ve ever seen, running for nine seasons and producing some of Hollywood’s …

1 day ago

Stranger Things Star Teases Fan-Favorite Character Return

Joseph Quinn’s Eddie Munson stole all of his scenes in the most recent season of Stranger Things, and now it …

3 weeks ago

The Imaginary Movie

New Netflix Anime Already Looks Better Than Ryan Reynolds Blockbuster

This year has already seen the arrival of two feature-length films based around imagination in the supernatural horror-flick, Imaginary, directed …

1 month ago

Wolfs Is The Perfect Progression Of Brad Pitt & George Clooney

The first trailer for the upcoming film Wolfs starring Brad Pitt and George Clooney just arrived on YouTube, and fans …

2 months ago

Rainn Wilson Is Sad About The Office Spinoff And Fans Will Agree

Rainn Wilson played one of the best characters in one of the most beloved TV comedies of all time with …

2 months ago

Ryan Reynolds If

Ryan Reynolds’ New Comedy Gets Torn To Shreds On Rotten Tomatoes

The review embargo on Ryan Reynolds’ new live-action animated fantasy comedy, IF, has been lifted. Unfortunately, the response to the …

2 months ago

Rosemary’s Baby Prequel Apartment 7A Reveals Release

Classic horror movie Rosemary’s Baby is getting a prequel more than 50 years after it was released. Apartment 7A will …

3 months ago

john krasinski rainbow six

John Krasinski Has A Box Office Hit On His Hands

John Krasinski has come a long way from the relatively unknown actor who first appeared on The Office in 2005. …

3 months ago

Upload Season 4 Caps Off Sci-Fi Comedy Series Fans Fell In Love With

Both good and bad news for fans of a certain Amazon sci-fi comedy. Upload season 4 is happening, however, it …

4 months ago

Original The Office Star Dead At 50

Actor and comedian Ewen MacIntosh, best known for his portrayal of Big Keith in the original British mockumentary television sitcom …

5 months ago

pedro pascal

Pedro Pascal Fantastic Four Casting Revealed

After months of speculation suggesting Pedro Pascal may be starring in the new Fantastic Four franchise, the official SAG-AFTRA Foundation …

5 months ago

A Quiet Place: Day One Is The Biggest In The Franchise And Here’s The Proof

Sometimes, a hit film will spawn sequels within its universe that are lackluster compared to the original. Though the 2020 …

5 months ago

The Office Movie On The Way?

News of a potential The Office reboot has been circulating for some time, with many cast, crew members, and fans …

6 months ago

the office

The Office Star Joins Sci-Fi Documentary

John Krasinski, who stayed mostly silent in A Quiet Place, has a new role where he does nothing but talk. …

6 months ago


The Office Dethroned As #1 Streaming Series

Suits has dethroned The Office as the series with the most minutes watched in a year. In an examination of television viewership patterns …

6 months ago

quiet place

The Disney+ Sci-Fi Thriller Sequel Gets More Intense Than The Original

John Krasinski’s 2018 film A Quiet Place presented audiences with an incredible concept and executed that concept in an immensely …

6 months ago

The Acclaimed Military Movie Now Streaming On Netflix Is A Terrible True Story

Step into the heart of conflict with 13 Hours on Netflix. This intense, action-packed film plunges you into the 2012 …

9 months ago

michelle yeoh blade runnmer

Marvel Wasted Huge Stars In These Disappointing Roles

MCU casting can be hit or miss sometimes. For every Robert Downey Jr. as Iron Man, there’s a Tilda Swinton …

11 months ago

the office parkour

John Krasinski Wore A Wig For An Entire Season Of The Office And No One Noticed

John Krasinski’s portrayal of Jim Halpert in The Office was arguably one of the most iconic performances of his career. Jim, a …

1 year ago

8 Memorable Pranks Pulled by Jim Halpert On The Office

Jim’s best pranks in The Office include gift-wrapping a desk and hiring an actor.

1 year ago

john krasinski a quiet place day one

John Krasinski Shares First Look At A Quiet Place Spin-Off And Fans Go Wild

John Krasinski has provided the first look of the set for A Quiet Place: Day One on Instagram.

1 year ago

john krasinski rainbow six

John Krasinski Just Conquered Netflix’s Wednesday

John Krasinski’s Jack Ryan season 3 debuted in the number one spot on Neilson’s Streaming Originals chart, dethroning Wednesday.

1 year ago

john krasinski rainbow six

Exclusive: John Krasinski In Talks For Rainbow Six With Michael B. Jordan

John Krasinski is being sought to reprise the role of Jack Ryan in the upcoming Rainbow Six movie.

2 years ago

John Krasinski Steve Carrell the office

The Funniest Scene In The Office, According To John Krasinski

The Office’s John Krasinski revealed the funniest scene for him was when Kevin sits on Michael Scott’s lap in “Secret Santa.”

2 years ago

John Krasinski fantastic four

John Krasinski’s Fantastic Four Fate Revealed

John Krasinski seems to suggest his appearance as Mr. Fantastic may have been a one time occurrence and not a …

2 years ago

John Krasinski fantastic four

John Krasinski Reveals His Fate As Marvel’s Mr. Fantastic

In a multiverse world like the Marvel Cinematic Universe, anything can happen—including bringing characters back from the dead. In the …

2 years ago

See A Fugitive John Krasinski In New Trailer For His Hit Series

John Krasinski is back in the first trailer for Jack Ryan Season 3!

2 years ago

emily blunt Fantastic Four

Emily Blunt Teases Husband’s Return As Reed Richards In Fantastic Four

Emily Blunt said that she would love to see her husband, John Krasinski, reprise his role as Mr. Fantastic as part of the Fantastic Four team-up.

2 years ago