The Funniest Scene In The Office, According To John Krasinski

The Office's John Krasinski revealed the funniest scene for him was when Kevin sits on Michael Scott's lap in "Secret Santa."

By Sckylar Gibby-Brown | Published

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Alum of The Office, John Krasinski, has officially stated which The Office episode had him rolling on the floor with laughter the most. In an Autocomplete Interview with WIRED, Krasinski’s Jack Ryan co-star Michael Kelly asked A Quiet Place actor questions about himself that people most often type into Google, which inevitably turned the conversation to reveal Krasinski’s favorite The Office episodes. The verdict for what Krasinski thought was the funniest episode from the nine seasons of the NBC comedy? “Secret Santa” from season six.

In The Office, John Krasinski plays the funny and kind Jim Halpert, one of the fan-favorite characters in the ensemble cast show. In this particular episode, office manager Michael Scott (Steve Carrell) dresses up as Santa and asks Kevin Malone (Brian Baumgartner) to sit on his lap and say what he wants for Christmas. As Krasinski recalls the episode, he remembers how when Kevin sat on Michael’s lap, Steve lost all the air in his body, which forced him to wheeze out his line as he said it.

Krasinski recalls how this was one of the funniest moments while filming and how he was in stitches from laughing so hard at the interaction. Since The Office is done in a mockumentary style, the camera often swings to John Krasinski for Jim’s reaction. However, for this moment, Krasinski remembers shooting the cameraman a look, telling him not to turn the camera because he was too busy laughing to act professionally.

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While The Office’s “Secret Santa” was what John Krasinski thought was the funniest episode, it was not the actor’s favorite. During the interview, Krasinski explained that that accolade went to the second episode of season one, “Diversity Day.” The actor explained that the reason this episode was his favorite was that it was the first episode the cast and crew were able to make truly their own, as episode one of the series was a complete copy from the British version of the show. 

When the cast and crew of The Office began filming the show, no one believed that it would take off, John Krasinski included. The actor recalled that while shooting the second episode of the first season, he thought about how they were filming some of the funniest content that had ever been created and how it was a shame no one would ever get to see it. The actor was so convinced that The Office wouldn’t take off that after filming the first four episodes of the show, he went back to waiting tables.

After The Office wrapped in 2013, John Krasinski kept himself busy in Hollywood. The actor wrote, directed, and acted in the critically acclaimed thriller, A Quiet Place, in which he starred with his wife Emily Blunt. He also wrote and directed A Quiet Place II, and the third and fourth films are in development for the series. Additionally, Krasinski recently wrapped up directing his fifth movie, a film the director called If, which is also known as Imaginary Friends, which will be released in 2024.