Exclusive: John Krasinski In Talks For Rainbow Six With Michael B. Jordan

John Krasinski is being sought to reprise the role of Jack Ryan in the upcoming Rainbow Six movie.

By Nathan Kamal | Updated

John Krasinski is in negotiations to join the upcoming Rainbow Six movie, reprising the role of Jack Ryan alongside Michael B. Jordan’s ruthless counterterrorist agent John Clark. According to our trusted and proven sources, the one-time Reed Richards may return as Tom Clancy’s most famous stockbroker turned CIA officer turned United States President in the film, which is being directed by John Wick filmmaker Chad Stahelski. After the official confirmation of our exclusive scoop that Michael B. Jordan would get his own film, it seems very likely we will get John Krasinski in Rainbow Six.

Michael B. Jordan first appeared as John Clark, Tom Clancy’s Navy SEAL turned extra-legal shadow agency director, in the 2021 film Without Remorse, based on the book of the same name. While the character does not have the same name recognition as John Krasinski’s Jack Ryan character, he is often used as the more action-oriented, combat-ready protagonist of Tom Clancy’s espionage universe. As such, we can expect the Rainbow Six movie to be more of an action thriller than previous Tom Clancy adaptations like Hunt for Red October and Patriot Games

It is not yet known whether John Krasinski is being sought for a cameo in Rainbow Six or an actual supporting role, but if Paramount can lock him down, it will go a long way to developing a shared Tom Clancy universe for the studio. Krasinski has portrayed Jack Ryan in an Amazon Prime Video streaming series since 2018, playing a notably more macho, battle-ready version of the character than in previous portrayals. The series is set for a fourth and final season to likely premiere at some point later this year.

john krasinski rainbow six

Notably, Amazon Prime Video is already developing a spin-off of Jack Ryan starring Ant-Man’s Michael Peña as Domingo “Ding” Chavez, who also happens to be John Clark’s son-in-law and an important member of his Rainbow Six organization. It seems clear that Paramount is doing everything it can to line up the primary characters of Tom Clancy’s world to cross over, so John Krasinski in Rainbow Six will be an important component of the plan. Getting Krasinski’s Jack Ryan, Michael B. Jordan’s John Clark, and Michael Peña’s Ding Chavez together on-screen will likely be the Avengers: Endgame moment for the ongoing franchise.

Of course, John Krasinski in Rainbow Six will be far from the first time Jack Ryan has made his way into feature films. Prior to The Office star taking on the role, Clancy’s primary protagonist was played by Alec Baldwin, Harrison Ford, Ben Affleck, and Chris Pine in various films, making him maybe the character played by the most high-grossing actors ever. Even if John Krasinski only appears in Rainbow Six to pat Michael B. Jordan on the back, it will be part of a long line of Jack Ryan performances.

Rainbow Six will also cement Michael B. Jordan in another huge franchise, after his Creed and Marvel Cinematic Universe roles, so he probably does not need that much backup. We will just have to see if Paramount makes the deal good enough for John Krasinski.