Rainn Wilson Is Sad About The Office Spinoff And Fans Will Agree

By Douglas Helm | Published

Rainn Wilson played one of the best characters in one of the most beloved TV comedies of all time with The Office, and the upcoming spin-off will have some big shoes to fill. Wilson recently gave his thoughts on the upcoming Peacock series, and the one thing he was sad about is that the series no longer takes place in Scranton, Pennsylvania.

Leaving Scranton

Wilson said, “I am sad that they’re leaving Scranton,” adding, “I understand that they’re why they’re leaving Scranton, but I kind of feel like there should be like seven different office spinoffs kind of like Law and Order.”

Rainn Wilson continued his thoughts on The Office spin-off, saying, “Like there’s Law and Order: SVU and Law and Order: Criminal Intent, and there should be all of these workplace documentaries going on, but they should all be in the Scranton Wilkes Bar, Lackawanna County, greater Metropolitan area.”

The Mundane Was Part Of The Charm

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Fans of the original series will agree that the relatively mundane setting was part of the show’s charm, and the fact that the town was close to other major US cities allowed the characters to go on some quick excursions outside the city as well. For the new show’s setting, all we know for now is that it will take place in the Midwest.

Other Settings Could Have A Similar Vibe

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Of course, there are plenty of Midwestern towns and cities that could give a similar Scranton-like vibe. Still, Rainn Wilson’s opinion about The Office spin-off is certainly one of the many concerns that fans have about the upcoming series. Even the original series started to lose some steam when Steve Carell’s Michael Scott left the show, so it’s understandable that fans are wary of returning to the Office universe.

The Office Worked Because Of The Cast

A huge reason that the US version of The Office worked was because of cast members like Steve Carell, Rainn Wilson, John Krasinski, Jenna Fischer, and the rest of the cast. The spin-off will have to create some iconic characters of its own to find the same level of success that the original Office adaptation did. At least the casting is off to a strong start, as we know that Domnhall Gleeson and Sabrina Impacciatore are part of the spin-off, though we don’t know who they’ll be playing yet.

Carell Won’t Be Returning

Steve Carell also confirmed that he won’t be back, though Rainn Wilson left the door open for him to make an appearance in The Office spin-off, saying, “I don’t see how Dwight [Schrute] goes from Scranton to wherever they’re shooting it in the Midwest,” adding, “But, you know, if Greg [Daniels] wants me to do something, I’m happy to do something.”

New Series Centered On A Newspaper

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It seems likely that the series might want to let the new cast stand on their own before bringing on some original cast members for cameos, but it’s good to know that Wilson is open to returning. The new spin-off is reportedly about a dying newspaper in the Midwest, so perhaps some paper salespeople from Scranton could drop by to offer some good deals on their paper needs.

The Office spin-off is reportedly set to start production in July. In the meantime, we’re sure to learn more about this upcoming series as the production date inches closer.

Source: Cinema Blend