See US Fighter Jets From Close Up Shooting Down The Balloon In Amazing Video

United States fighter jets are seen in an incredible video combining CGI with real-life footage blowing China's spy balloon out of the sky above Montana.

By Jonathan Klotz | Updated

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With all of the recent UFO sightings over the past 72 hours, it’s easy to forget that all eyes were on the sky earlier last week when United States Air Force fighter jets scrambled to take down a Chinese spy balloon. China admitted that the object, brought down over Montana, was part of their clandestine program. In an amazing video combining CGI footage from DCS (Digital Combat Simulator) with real-world footage, everyone can see the spy balloon being blown out of the sky as if it were Top Gun.

The first section of footage, with the cinematic camera angles, is fabricated using the powerful DCS software combined with actual audio from the Air Force fighter jets. Towards the end, when the view pans back and the balloon is visible as a large white object, is real footage of the Chinese spy balloon being destroyed. While the incident looks incredible and just like it’s out of a Hollywood blockbuster, tensions with China have risen as a result.

Earlier today, a week after the fighter jets destroyed the three buses worth of spy equipment high in the air over Montana, China leveled accusations against the United States. The Chinese government has now claimed that the U.S. has had spy balloons over their airspace over 10 times within the last year (via CNN). To date, there have been no reports of Chinese aircraft re-enacting Iron Eagle.

The DCS software, which uses Unreal Engine 5 to produce lifelike visuals, has been used extensively over the past year since Russia invaded the Ukraine. It’s become common for re-creations of military action to be shared across social media within hours of news breaking. Fighter jets taking down China’s spy balloon is one of the tamer clips to become popular on Twitter.

top gun: maverick top gun 3
Tom Cruise in Top Gun: Maverick surrounded by U.S. fighter jets

United States fighter jets, specifically F-16s, were scrambled just a few days ago to take down another aerial object, termed a UFO, over shared airspace with Canada near Lake Huron. This object has not been claimed by China and in fact, has been noted by the U.S. government as not being another spy balloon. Still, the timing of an aerial spying tool combined with multiple UFO sightings across the world is a little suspect.

Reports claim that during the interception over Lake Huron, one of the F-16 fighter jets was damaged during the UFO encounter. China’s spy balloon had no offensive or defensive capabilities, as it was meant to only intercept radio transmissions, cell signals, and take photographs. Given the accuracy and skill on display in the live footage portion of the video, it’s unlikely that an Air Force pilot would accidentally damage his own craft, so what was the strange object?

While we may never know for sure what it was, United States fighter jets proved their worth in combat protecting our nation’s airspace. In the process, China had to admit to an extensive spying network across the globe which is of surprisingly little effectiveness now that the Air Force is willing to blow them out of the sky. Despite the amazing footage spliced with high-end graphics, Universal will likely pick a more exciting plot for the next Top Gun.