Three Cylindrical UFOs Shot Down Over North America, Another Spotted Above Montana

Cylindrical UFO aircraft have been shot down over Canada.

By Lyndon Nicholas | Updated

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A video claiming to show two unidentified flying objects briefly went viral. Before being debunked as not real. There are no WaWas where the government says they’ve spotted UFO’s. Here’s that debunked video for context…

The video comes from Twitter user @intelcrows. The video’s caption reads “#NORAD tracking ‘flying object’ over northern #Canada”. In it are what appear to be two aircraft flying close to one another at a similar speed and altitude.

These UFO reports have now been confirmed by both the US government and a number of reputable news outlets including CNN and the NY Times, as more details came pouring in. The U.S. government has been coordinating with the Canadian government in order to track UFO flying over Canadian airspace.

On Saturday, Canadian prime minister Justin Trudeau ordered the takedown of an unidentified flying object over the Yukon territory of Canada. A U.S. F-22 jet successfully shot down the aircraft in coordination with Canadian defense. One of the interesting pieces of information coming out of this incident is that some pilots reported the UFO “interfered with sensors”. They also noted that it seemed to “see no propulsion systems on the aircraft”. 

This report comes after a report near Portland, Oregon. Similarly, a number of planes were “scrambled ” by a UFO heading north. Overseas flights out of Vancouver, Seattle, and Portland were halted. Although uncorroborated, the two reports have some eerily similar details that make some think that the events are connected.

These events come after the news breaking a day earlier of another UFO near Deadhorse, Alaska. Although the U.S. military has not revealed much information about the incident at this time, the public does know a few things. It’s been confirmed that on Friday Biden ordered the shootdown of a UFO.

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The Pentagon revealed that the object was about the size of a small car. They also revealed that it flew at an altitude of about 40,000 feet, appeared to be unmanned, and was not able to maneuver whatsoever.

These sightings come at a time of heightened awareness around UFOs. On February 4th, a U.S. F-22 fighter was ordered to take down a UFO off the coast of South Carolina. The U.S. government labeled the UFO a Chinese surveillance balloon, despite China’s government’s claims that it was a civilian research vessel.

In the most recent cases, neither the U.S. government nor the Canadian government has recovered debris from the UFOs. Neither has been able to figure out the purpose or the origins of either UFO as of the time of this writing.