The Walking Dead Characters Sing The Monster Mash

By Nick Venable | 8 years ago

There’s probably a spoiler or two shambling around in here somewhere. But not the part about Carl being a douchebag, because we all knew that from the very beginning.

I can’t even imagine how long it took someone to capture all of the video clips needed to make this video, as part of the Official Comedy YouTube channel. Bringing in the Halloween spirit, this Walking Dead-inspired mash-up features the show’s characters singing along to Boris Pickett’s classic 1962 hit “Monster Mash,” which is thought of either as a beloved memory or a loathesome earworm depending on who you ask. I certainly hope whoever was in charge of editing considered it a favorite, as I’m sure that person had to listen to it ad nauseum to match up every single word.

It was two lines into the second verse before I realized they lyrics had been adapted to match the show’s plot, and I spent a millisecond thinking to myself, “‘Monster Mash’ had walkers involved?” before shamefully continuing to listen without drawing attention to myself.

The best part about a video like this is you can mute the song and still get a video chock-full of the series’ most visceral moments. And regardless of people like me who say the gore shouldn’t be the main draw of the show, this season’s newest deadly threat is attracting audiences in droves, with last week’s episode drawing in over 13 million viewers. That’s a dip from the record-breaking premiere, but still ranks as the second-highest watched episode of the series. My guess is, adding musical numbers to the show would just polarize people, so maybe it’s best to keep the singing to mash-up videos.

Zombies may make you scream, but there’s no chance you’ll top this other Official Comedy video, a montage of Marty McFly hollering and saying “Oh shit!” in the Back to the Future series. For some reason, this seems like a more enjoyable video to put together.

Just because it’s Halloween, how about a spoof trailer for a scary movie involving pumpkin flavoring taking over our lives? I mean, it already is, but this goes even farther with it. I wonder if the characters of The Walking Dead miss pumpkin spice. I bet Daryl secretly does.