New Trailer For Lockout Looks Like Big Fun Despite Countless Movie Cliches

By Will LeBlanc | 9 years ago

Let me start by saying that I think Lockout will probably be a lot of fun to watch and I’m pretty psyched for it. Guy Pearce rarely misses the mark and with Maggie Grace by his side at least we nerds will have something to look at. However, this new trailer seems like it’s trying its best to get you to hate it.

Housing nearly every cliche you could hope to think of, Lockout promises to be high-flying outer space mayhem following the popcorn blockbuster formula. Check out the trailer below and see if you can count the tropes.

The first thing you hear is that movie voice that turns even the best trailers into cheesy commercials for cheap products. You’re immediately introduced to the world’s most secure prison, populated by the world’s worst baddies. If you can’t figure out where this is going, you don’t watch enough movies. Of course, the angry killers take over the prison and take the president’s daughter hostage. Oh and did I mention the prison is in space?

The president then asks Guy Pearce, who we’re told is the only man for the job, but is a loose cannon, “are you a bad enough dude to rescue the president’s daughter?” Hell yeah he is. And thus spawns a trailer full of Riggs and Murtaugh one-liners from Pearce as he penetrates the maximum security space prison to save the president’s daughter, whom he will also likely penetrate by the end of the film.

Lockout doesn’t look bad. In fact, the effects looks pretty great, the cinematography looks stellar and Guy Pearce seems to play the role of the indifferent badass perfectly. Will it do gangbusters at the boxoffice? Doubtful. But I’ll be there just to see if it makes good on the promises this trailer makes, or if it becomes the trainwreck most people might expect it to be.