Robert Kirkman Developing Clone Series For Syfy

By David Wharton | 7 years ago

CloneThis just in: Syfy is now making ALL THE SHOWS. Seriously, it’s like they’re trying to make up for lost time and redeem everything since the dumbass name change, all in a matter of weeks. I have literally lost count of how many new series announcements we’ve covered in the last couple of days, but it’s done the nigh impossible and nearly overshadowed the Episode VII casting news. So what the hell, let’s bring on another new Syfy series announcement! Now it seems Walking Dead creator Robert Kirkman is joining in the barrage, developing a new sci-fi drama series called Clone.

The show is based on a best-selling comic series, but in spite of Kirkman’s involvement, he didn’t create this one; he’s just an executive producer. Clone is published by Kirkman’s Skybound Imprint, however. Created by writer David Schulner and artists Juan Jose Ryp & Felix Serrano. It launched in November 2012 and released its 14th issue last February. Schulner will both write and executive produce the TV incarnation of Clone. Here’s what it’s all about, via the Syfy press release:

When retired soldier Luke Taylor investigates a break-in at his house, he never expected who the burglar would be: A clone of himself. Drawn into a vast government conspiracy when his wife is kidnapped, Luke must use all his combat skills and network of military contacts to get to the bottom of the secret biotech program that is responsible and the hidden agenda that goes all the way to the top levels of power.

In addition to writing Clone, Schulner has quite a bit of TV experience under his belt, having worked on shows such as The Event, Do No Harm, and most recently serving as a consulting producer on NBC’s Dracula series. Nor is Clone the only noteworthy science fiction TV project he’s got in the pipeline. He also co-created and is executive producing Pharaoh for HBO, a Stargate-ish series about alien interactions with ancient Egypt. Ridley Scott himself is set to direct on Pharaoh.

Universal Television first announced they were developing a series based on Clone during Comic-Con last summer, and now the show joins a ridiculously aggressive Syfy development slate that just keeps on coming. It’s genuinely astonishing how Syfy has gone from a perennial punchline a few months ago, to home for some of the most exciting content in the works right now. Let’s just hope they don’t fumble all that awesome potential.

As for Clone, it’s got some seriously big shoes to fill. Orphan Black is setting the bar for top-notch clone-related TV on a weekly basis.