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  • Owner: NBCUniversal
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Syfy has been a fan-favorite channel for decades with plenty of series to its name.

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under paris

Netflix Jaws Rip-Off Proves You Can’t Beat The King

Why is Jaws the only great shark movie out there? It’s weird right, that no one since Spielberg has managed …

2 days ago

Sci-Fi Series Inspired By Indiana Jones Is A Throwback To Television’s Best Era

Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark is one of the greatest movies in history, so taking inspiration …

2 weeks ago

Six Writers Who Could Have Made Syfy Great

Find out who made the cut.

4 weeks ago

night visions

2000s Horror Anthology Series With Rock Icon Host In Danger Of Disappearing

Horror anthologies have been horror fan favorites for generations. Some of the best adaptations of short horror and science fiction …

1 month ago

The Expanse Went Wrong Doing One Sci-Fi Element Too Well 

Like any fervent follower of sci-fi and its love-hate relationship with TV and cinematic adaptation, my journey has been—let’s say—bittersweet. …

2 months ago


The Smart Sci-Fi Time Travel Series That Needs Saving

Continuum is an underseen and underrated sci-fi TV series that first premiered in 2012, eventually getting four seasons and ending …

3 months ago

The Blake’s 7 Reboot That Was Going Full Battlestar Galactica

Is it time to hop back on the Liberator, talk to Zen, and fight against the Federation? Fans of Blake’s …

3 months ago

resident alien

Netflix Sci-Fi Comedy Will Make You Laugh Until You Cry

If you have been looking for an original series to get into and are in the mood for some laughs, …

4 months ago

wil wheaton

Wil Wheaton Is Done Acting Unless He’s Wesley 

When Star Trek: The Next Generation first premiered, Wil Wheaton was one of the more controversial actors simply because many …

4 months ago

resident alien

The Comedy Sci-Fi Series Taking Over Netflix And Wowing Rotten Tomatoes

Resident Alien starring Alan Tudyk is a Syfy original comedy that was released in 2021 and didn’t make much of …

4 months ago


Sci-Fi Comedy Streaming Series Invents Tons Of Laughs And Smiles

For science fiction fans, the past few years have been good, with everything from Star Trek to Star Wars experiencing …

4 months ago

The Ark Season 2 Just Got Confirmed And Sci-Fi Fans Are Thrilled

The Ark has been renewed for a second season on Syfy.

1 year ago

richard dean anderson stargate

Stargate SG-1 Creators New Space Epic Is Already Breaking Records

The Ark, the new Syfy series from the creators of Stargate SG-1, is the most-watched debut on the network.

1 year ago

Syfy Cuts Down Fan-Favorite Show’s New Season, Cancellation Next?

Syfy has cut down the next season of Resident Alien from 12 episodes to 8.

2 years ago

Jennifer Tilly

See Jennifer Tilly Return In Chucky Season 2 Trailer

Chucky Season 2 has finally dropped its first teaser trailer, which brings in familiar characters, including the return of Jennifer Tilly.

2 years ago

The Best SyFy Show Has Just Been Given New Life

The SyFy channel’s best original comedy-drama is getting a new season before the current one is even finished.

2 years ago

The Expanse

What Happened To The Expanse? Why Is It On Amazon Prime Instead Of SYFY TV?

What happened to The Expanse? If you’ve checked your upcoming TV schedule you probably wondering where it is. Don’t worry, …


Ascension Is Not Getting A Full Series Order From Syfy, Here’s Why

Syfy has been in the process of redefining itself as a network and reestablishing a commitment to producing original content …

9 years ago


Rachel Nichols Is Optimistic About The Future Of Continuum, Here’s Why

We’re losing another strong science fiction show before too long, as Continuum is going the way of the buffalo. The …

9 years ago


Syfy Is Turning This Hugo-Winning Sci-Fi Novel Into A Six-Part Miniseries

Will they put a positive Spin on things?

9 years ago


Watch One Final 12 Monkeys Clip Before The Premiere On Syfy Tonight

So here we are, Syfy’s 12 Monkeys is set to debut on the network later tonight. If you’ve been tuning …

9 years ago


The Expanse: Who’s Who And What’s What In That Amazing First Trailer

Of all the projects on Syfy’s suddenly ambitious development slate, the one I’m most looking forward to — and most …

9 years ago

12 Monkeys

The World Only Has One Generation Left In This 12 Monkeys Clip

At this rate, we’ll probably see at least the first 20 minutes of Syfy’s new 12 Monkeys series before it …

9 years ago

12 Monkeys

Syfy’s 12 Monkeys Flashes Back To The Future In Yet Another Clip

At the rate we’re going, we’ll see a substantial chunk of the debut episode of Syfy’s 12 Monkeys well before …

9 years ago


Syfy Turns Greenland Into A Dystopian Prison In This New Drama

Just when you think Syfy is done expanding their development slate, those crazy kids go ahead and add something else …

9 years ago


Watch The Next Three Minutes Of Syfy’s 12 Monkeys Right Here

Last week, we got a glimpse at the first nine minutes of Syfy’s upcoming adaptation of 12 Monkeys. It was …

9 years ago

12 Monkeys

This Helix Season 2 Trailer Trades The Arctic Confines For An Isolated Island

Ronald D. Moore’s plague thriller Helix is now just about two weeks away from kicking off its second season on …

9 years ago

12 monkeys

How Syfy’s 12 Monkeys Series Will Differ From The Movie

It’s been 18 years since Terry Gilliam’s 12 Monkeys first entered our lives and warped our brains with its plague …

9 years ago


This Creepy Helix Season 2 Trailer Has Cults, Zombies, Islands, And More

Season 1 of Syfy’s bio-thriller Helix was, by almost all accounts, an up and down affair. Still, it was strong …

9 years ago