Resident Alien Season 4 Is Happening But With A Major Change

By Britta DeVore | Updated

This year, many fans have been playing the waiting game when it comes to finding out if a network will be moving forward with or scrapping beloved projects. Over the last year, partially due to the writers’ and actors’ strikes as well as financial struggles stemming from the economy, even the most celebrated titles haven’t been safe from receiving the ax. Fans of Syfy’s Resident Alien have been biting their nails over the last few weeks to learn the show’s fate but we can now reveal that Season 4 is moving forward, but on the USA Network.

No Need To Panic

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Before you fully launch into a panic, take a deep breath and sigh of relief as Alan Tudyk will be back to reprise his leading role as Harry. No, the major change facing Resident Alien Season 4 has nothing to do with the cast or creative team but will see the show moving from its home at Syfy over to USA Network. This isn’t too much of a jump when you consider that both Syfy and USA Network are owned by the same parent company – NBCUniversal Media Group.

Moving On Up

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The thought behind launching Resident Alien from its home to a new one for Season 4 is to get more eyeballs on the sci-fi comedy, as USA Network is known to reach a wider demographic of viewers than Syfy. It’s also worth mentioning that shows like Chucky can be watched on both Syfy and USA Network, leaving the door fully open to the possibility that such a thing could happen for Resident Alien as well. Although the decision may have been something the folks at the top had been considering for a while, it’s likely that Resident Alien’s impressive run on Netflix helped solidify the shakeup. 

Harry Is Here To Stay

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First crash landing onto Syfy back in 2021, Resident Alien follows Alan Tudyk’s Harry, an alien sent to Earth with a mission to destroy the planet. After Harry’s spacecraft crashes into a small Colorado town, he assumes the identity of a physician but soon gets in over his head as the lead medical examiner on the mysterious death of the village’s doctor. As he begins to bond and become emotionally tied to the people of Earth, Harry spends the next few seasons trying to save his new neighbors from other aliens who wish them harm, with Resident Alien Season 4 expected to be more where that came from. 

Reaching A Wider Audience

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Like other favorite shows currently on-air including The Boys and Peacemaker, Resident Alien also serves as an adaptation of a comic series, having originally been published by Dark Horse Comics. The series has performed rather well over its three – nearly four – season run,  with around 3.3 million viewers tuning in for the latest installment. With USA Network taking over the controls, it’s a good way to give audiences and first-timers a new way to watch Resident Alien Season 4.

More Details To Come

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In the past, USA Network has found significant success with titles including Monk, Suits, Psych, Mr. Robot, and more, making it the perfect new home for Alan Tudyk’s out-of-this-world character in Resident Alien Season 4. As of right now, no release date has been set but stay tuned for more information. 

Source: The Hollywood Reporter