Pitch In To Turn The Enterprise D’s Bridge Into A Fully Interactive Simulator And Museum

By David Wharton | 8 years ago

It’s always a shame when you hear about iconic sets or props from some of our favorite science fiction series/movies being scuttled because the studio needs the space they’re occupying. About a year ago, a fan named Huston Huddleston was “at the right place at the right time,” and was able to rescue an entire Enterprise D bridge that was set to be destroyed. Now he’s launched a Kickstarter campaign to restore the bridge set as a fully interactive simulator and educational museum. With eight days left, they’re already well above their $20,000 goal, but it’s not too late to pitch in and score some goodies for your trouble.

Here’s the original Kickstarter vid:

It’s worth noting that this isn’t the original bridge from the show — that one was wiped out during the filming of Star Trek: Generations — but it is the next best thing. This replica of the bridge used during The Next Generation was built by Paramount during the ‘90s, with its construction supervised by production designer Herman Zimmerman and all-around Trek expert Michael Okuda.

The project is non-profit, and hopes to make the bridge available for a wide variety of functions, including fundraising, charities, movie screenings, and even new educational “missions” which would let kids pilot their own starship while being sneakily taught things on the down-low. (Shhhh!)

As with all Kickstarters, your donations will earn you various different rewards. They range from signed Trek comics to prop replicas to t-shirts to your very own romantic night on the bridge (yours for a donation of $3,000 or more). The Kickstarter promises “Complete privacy until the next morning.” So if you and your significant other have always wanted to “make it so” in Picard’s chair, here’s your chance.

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