New Pic From Walking Dead Season Three

By Brent McKnight | 9 years ago

Production on the third season of AMC’s hit zombie drama The Walking Dead started last month. There was a kick-off featurette, and now the network has released the first photograph from the upcoming season.

The picture shows Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln), the leader of the small band of survivors, looking grizzled, pointing a gun at some off-screen threat. Rick is an anachronism. Even after the collapse of civilization he wears his sheriff’s uniform, lives by a strict moral code, and carries a six-shooter. Except in this pic. In this photo he’s swapped out his trademark revolver for something a little more high tech, complete with a silencer. I’m sure the change isn’t permanent, but the silencer is probably a smart move. After all, guns are loud, and noise has a tendency to draw unwanted attention from swarms of undead cannibals. Remember, it’s best to keep quiet when trying to avoid zombie attacks.

Despite mixed feelings overall on The Walking Dead, I’m super pumped for season three. One of the most badass characters from Robert Kirkman’s comic series, Michonne, showed up at the finale of season two. And they’re getting into one of the best, grimmest arcs, with the most sinister villain you’ll ever see, the Governor. The plot is headed to a dark, brutal place, and, if done right, this will make for some great television.

If you don’t have anything better to do on the weekend of July 7th and 8th, AMC is marathoning all 19 episodes from the first two seasons of The Walking Dead. There will also be a one-time-only episode of Talking Dead, which some people seem to like, as well as a black-and-white version of the series pilot. Talking Dead host Chris Hardwick will introduce each episode, and there will be exclusive interviews, behind-the-scenes material, and all manner of goodies for fans.

The biggest draw of this weekend, however, is the sneak peek at The Walking Dead season three. There will be even more new cast interviews, a tour of the set and props, and a scene from the new season.