MythBusters Returns This January With A Star Wars-Themed Episode

By David Wharton | 7 years ago

We’re always excited when those explosion-crazed hooligans from MythBusters return from hiatus. After all, the show is built upon critical thinking and the scientific method, so it’s one of those great shows the whole family can watch together and learn something without even realizing it. (Okay, so every once in a while that lesson might be “How much damage will a wayward cannonball do to your house?”) The show returns with new episodes on Saturday, January 4, and the ‘Busters are once again pointing their debunking beam at an iconic bit of pop culture: the Star Wars movies.

The trailer above has everything we’ve come to expect from MythBusters: explosions, gunfire, car accidents, possible injuries, and lots of slow motion. I’m pretty sure I also saw an ice cannon in there. As far as the Star Wars-specific stunts, there are a few hints at what they might be testing. It looks like they’re trying to recreate Luke and Leia’s swashbucking swing over one of the Death Star’s chasms, and they also seem to be examining whether the Ewok’s stone-age weapons and traps really would have been effective against the combined might of the Empire. I wonder if they’re discover whether Luke could have made that show down the exhaust port without his targeting computer. (Force, schmorce.)


Of course, even when they’re not doing an episode explicitly tied into a well-known movie or show, MythBusters has been putting Hollywood nonsense to the test for over 200 episodes now. We’ve seen them attempt to curve bullets Wanted-style, recreate the swinging-cage escape from Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest, and even test the explosive chemistry from Breaking Bad. I’d say they should do an Armageddon episode but I’m afraid Adam and Jamie would burst into flames just trying to whittle it down to only a few ludicrous moments to test.

What are a few Star Wars moments you’d like to see put under the microscope? Personally, I’d like to know if a Wookiee really could pull your arms out of their sockets. (I’m not volunteering, mind you.) Maybe they can also explain how the hell Greedo’s blaster fire went sideways at point-blank range in the Special Editions.

One thing’s for sure. If they make it through the episode without making a Jamie/Chewbacca joke, I’m going to be very disappointed in them. MythBusters‘ returns to the Discovery Channel on Saturday, January 4 at 8/7c.