Mass Effect Movie Hires New Screenwriter

By David Wharton | 8 years ago

BioWare’s acclaimed Mass Effect trilogy wrapped up this past spring (with no shortage of controversy over the ending), and while the game franchise is now looking to the future, fans might recall that there’s also a Mass Effect movie in the works from Legendary Pictures. They’re the production company behind the upcoming Man of Steel and Pacific Rim, as well as a low-budget flick called The Dark Knight Rises. It’s been a while since we’ve heard any news about the Mass Effect production, but now word comes that the project has hired a new screenwriter.

Variety reports that Legendary has hired a fellow named Morgan Davis Foehl, who is fairly new to the screenwriting game, without any produced scripts to his name so far. He’s worked as an assistant editor on stuff such as FX’s Rescue Me and the Adam Sandler movie Click. While he’s an unproven quantity at this point when it comes to writing, he obviously has impressed some in Tinseltown since his script Whatever Gets You Through the Night earned a spot on the annual “best unproduced screenplays” Black List back in 2009. In addition to the new Mass Effect gig, he’s worked on several in-the-works scripts recently, including Crosshair, based on the Top Cow comic book.

He’ll be taking over from screenwriter Mark Protosevich (Thor), who was hired to write the initial adaptation back in 2008. Supposedly Foehl is a fan of the Mass Effect games and his take on the material won over the producers. I’d love to see a good Mass Effect movie, but like any videogame adaptation, there are plenty of challenges in adapting an interactive narrative into a passive one. Here’s hoping Foehl has what it takes.

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