Machinima’s Enormous Web Pilot Adds Three Human Survivors

By Nick Venable | 7 years ago

enormousHere at GFR, we never tire of robots of a certain size that like getting their freak on. But we’re also more than happy to allow humongous monsters to make themselves at home, though we ask that they wash their feet off in a lake before coming inside. The upcoming 10-minute web pilot Enormous, a live-action production from gamer network Machinima, has doubled its cast of up-and-coming actors as it advances towards production.

Based on the graphic novel of the same name by Tim Daniel (The Walking Dead Survivors’ Guide), with art from Mehdi Cheggour (Heavy Metal), Enormous takes place after an ecological catastrophe allows gigantic monsters to come into our world and take over. No match in size, humans are relegated to the role of smarter-than-usual supper. The three new cast members fighting the fleshy resistance are Erica Gimpel, Steve Brand, and Ceren Lee. If the names don’t immediately strike you as familiar, their faces will.

Lee is best known for being married to Jason Lee, and hasn’t had any starring roles just yet, but Gimpel has been a television regular for over 25 years. She first broke out in the musical drama Fame, a favorite of everyone reading this site I’m sure, and built a career with stints on popular series such as ER, Veronica Mars, and The Young and the Restless. She last show up on The CW’s so-bad-it’s-great-but-still-bad Cult, and is currently filming Ally Walker’s post-war drama Sex, Death, and Bowling with Drea de Matteo and Selma Blair.

The Scotland-born Brand made his biggest splash as Memnon in The Scorpion King, and has balanced his film and TV appearances over the years. He’s gone from the BBC drama Mistresses to Hellraiser: Revelations, as if those two things should ever be mentioned in the same sentence. While he most recently starred in a few episodes of Starz’s Magic City, and the B-horror The Cloth with Danny Trejo, Brand gets some genre cred for voicing characters in Star Wars: The Old Republic (along with work on the anime Hellsing). He almost loses this minor stading, however, for starring in Syfy’s Triassic Attack. Enormous will hopefully be a step in the right direction.

Lee stars as the lead, a United Nations Search and Rescue employee looking for abandoned children in the area. Gimpel plays someone who protects Lee’s rescuer. They join the previously cast Billy Miller (also The Young and the Restless), Garrett Coffey (Budhead), and Charles Melton. BenDavid Grabinski directs, and Adrian Askarieh, working with Andre Øvredal, handled the scripting. You may remember Øvredal wrote and directed the awesome Trollhunter in 2010.

With Pacific Rim behind us and Godzilla in our future, there’s no denying the love for all things monstrous is strong. The Enormous pilot has the potential to be just as strong, and Machinima has already churned out decent series based on Halo and Mortal Kombat. One would think it could only get better from there.

Check out a few pages from the comic below, and look out for the continuation when the series returns in June 2014.