Graphic Novel Amnesia To Be Adapted By The Conspiracy Director, If He Remembers

By Nick Venable | 6 years ago

amnesiaDo you remember the first comic book or graphic novel adaptation that you saw at the movie theater? Do you remember the last one? Do you remember anything? If not, then you might be a character in Dwayne Harris’ 2011 graphic novel Amnesia, which was just acquired by Sony to be turned into a feature film. At least, I think it was, unless I forgo…[Ed. note: Stop with the memory lines already, we get it.]

Sony signed on for Amnesia based on a pitch and package from FilmNation and director Christopher MacBride, who is set to direct from his own screenplay, which he’ll be working on soon. While MacBride isn’t a household name yet, he was responsible for last year’s under-the-radar festival hit The Conspiracy, a thriller that used the found-footage concept to dive into the world of secret societies. I didn’t find it to be all that spectacular until it got to the third act, where the intensity ramps up rather enjoyably.

But there are no bull masks and secret passwords in Amnesia, which revolves around one of the most presumably frustrating weaponized attacks in fictionalized human history. Someone has set off a weapon that doesn’t just destroy buildings and electric currents, it also completely eradicates people’s memories. In a society where no one remembers what came before it, can civilization build itself anew, setting aside past differences to push forward towards peace? This is obviously a “glass half full” question, and one that MacBride hopefully knows how to answer on the big screen in an interesting way.

You can read the first chunk of Amnesia for free on the Arcana Comics website HERE. But here’s the cover and a few sample pages to get you going.

amnesiaThis disembodied head needs to become a jigsaw puzzle that I can buy.

amnesiaToo often, amnesia has been a narrative crutch for TV and movies, used by people that can’t figure out how to write captivating and realistic fiction. Amnesia, on the other hand, takes the loss of memory to its logical extremes and builds a decent story out of it.

amnesiaBelow you can check out a video preview for the comic.

MacBride will be working with Fox on the thriller Echo next, but it’s expected that Amnesia will follow that up, probably sometime next year. Snatch up the graphic novel on Amazon and tell your friends.

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