Fringe Series Finale Promo Trailer

By Brent McKnight | 8 years ago

Well, it’s finally here. Five years of Fringe have led to this, the series finale on Friday, January 18. Two episodes, numbers 99 and 100, will air back to back (fans take note, the final battle will start an hour earlier than usual), and from the look of this quick promo for the two-fer, things are going to get intense, maybe even a little bit epic.

This past Friday’s episode of Fringe, “The Boy Must Live,” was super exposition heavy, perhaps more so than any other chapter this season. With that behind us, however, the stage is set for intense action, heart-wrenching decisions, and a defiant last stand against fate and the Observers. There is now more at stake for the characters than ever before—relationships, futures, and lives all hang in the balance.

You see Walter’s (John Noble) acceptance of the sacrifice he must make, as he tearfully informs his son, Peter (Joshua Jackson). And while there are few answers, there are some intriguing images in this quick promotional spot. What does Walter shoot into the back of Olivia’s (Anna Torv) neck? After that her point of view looks suspiciously similar to Peter’s when he had that bit of Observer technology implanted into the base of his skull. Does she take a step in that direction herself to execute the plan?

We saw the anomaly, Michael, hand himself over to the Observers in order to save the Fringe team. How can they get him back? What are the bald-and-pasties going to do to him now that he is in their clutches? And why the hell is his chest glowing green?

And here’s something you didn’t expect. We’re going to get visitors from the other side in the person of Faux-Livia and agent Lincoln Lee (Seth Gabel), who opted to stay on the other side once the bridge between universes was closed forever. That’ll be a fun little treat, to see how they’re doing and how they play into the finale.

September/Donald (Michael Cerveris), the now-human former-Observer, notes that “fate can be changed,” and you can’t help but think that the conclusion will deal with this in some depth. They know what lies ahead of them, they know what has to be done, but will they find another way to succeed without the cost? We’ll just have to tune in to find out.

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